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  1. shuRe

    Day 1 on GPX motor

    remem not to be too reserved when breaking in your motor, i refer you to this: http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm
  2. shuRe

    3rd Gear On Pitbike Help Needed.

    this might be teaching a granny how to suck eggs, but i had the same problem, and found i hadnt got the chain tight enough, therefore when i opened my 125 up it felt like it was jolting, where the chain wasnt tight on the sprockets. Also i had to remove my cheap chain tensioner as it was pushing the chain into the bottom of the swing arm, which didnt help.
  3. shuRe

    This bike looks good ?

    second looks better, but i would still try save for a better bike
  4. shuRe

    This bike looks good ?

    I appologise, but it looks pretty much exactly the same bike as the Pitster Pro 05, near enough same engine, exhaust, tyres, carb, swingarm?
  5. shuRe

    This bike looks good ?

    by support i meant that they would offer good advice on their bikes, and having brought a thunder 06 bike from the same people in the UK i have no reservations from saying that this company will offer great advice (they have answed all but one of my emails with good advice within 24h). Also Pitster upgrades and replacements are highly available. EDIT: Removed questioning of Pitster brand, but seems to use same components as Pitster
  6. shuRe

    This bike looks good ?

    both of them look very poor bikes tbh, the best deal in my opinion for a cheap good bike is from http://www.myfirstchopper.com/125cc-bikes-c-47.html They sell the 05 Pitster Pro which has a quality engine that starts in any gear (belive me say this matter alot and i reget i ddint get one) for only 550 quid shipped which is an absolute bargin, and you get the best support from Pitster, which is also crucuial when you buy a pit bike. I was in your situation once when buying ym 1st pit bike, ebay seems great for the prices, but low quality parts are used and you will have no support when something goes wrong, your better off buying one of a brand name / from a website.
  7. shuRe

    GPX Motors

    would be nice if these were available in the UK, are there any UK dealers yet?
  8. is your cdi plugged in? that would make sense if its the cdi, cause that changes the spark timing on the spark plug, and if no spark, no go. But i know near to nothing about bike engineering, so you would need advice from someone else more experience about how to fix it.
  9. have you tried putting in the old spark plug? other than that it has to be the carb, can you rev it a little or not at all?
  10. shuRe

    1st pit

    lol this supposed to be a guessing game?
  11. shuRe

    What brand is this

    i couldt tell you, but it looks half decent with that swing arm and the long travel front forks.
  12. Is it just the bigger carb and maybe the better exhaust that gives the pitster the edge over the other chinese knockoffs?
  13. shuRe

    Mikuni 24mm carb vs 26mm carb

    Hi, Being a relitave newbie to bike building, I have researched and found a bigger carb on my 125 honda copy should give it a bit more go and not hit my wallet too hard. Basically i know how to bolt it on and all, but what else do i need to do, I saw in another thread someone talking about jets? Are they easy to fit and are they necessary? Also when chosing between the 24mm and the 26mm which would work best?
  14. shuRe

    New buyer questions reliability ?

    From what i have researched if you buy a brand name like SSR, Pitster, Thumpstar, Staggs etc then you should be able to get parts easily. I would avoid ebay if you didnt already know as there isnt much of an after service, where as Pitsters is rated as the best. Although all these engines are made in china, they are probably the most reliable part about the bike, as they are all Honda copies, so should be close to Honda reliability. If you get a bike with a GPX motor (i know Pitster definitely have them in all bikes) then it will start in any gear, and i highly advise this as i have a cheaper engine that doesnt start in any gear and its the worst thing about the bike. I should think all 125 have enough power for your boys, but again the thumpstars and pitsters have the most at 8hp to the back wheel.
  15. shuRe


    does anyone know anything about the pitster pro 05?