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  1. Many people tell me that the KTM 640 Adventure would be somewhere in the middle for onroad and offroad use, but far too vibie to be comfortble on the highway. Since I will be putting long days on the bike, comfort is a very high consideration, but I can not see taking the weight (V-Storm fans) of a twin offroad. Since I will get an after market seat from either Renazco, Corbin, or Myers, the oem seat is not that important. Is the range realy an issue comparing these two since I understand that the KTM has a bigger tank but the Husky gets better mpg. Has anyone ridden both on the road? How is the wind protection on the highway? Is the 2006 KTM the same as the 2004 model (there is a chance of getting one used)? How does the KTM 640 Adventure compare to the SMC 625? The real choice seems to be the Husky TE610, BMW dakar, Husky SM610. On paper the Husky SM610 makes the most sense, a full dirt bike with street wheels. But can the street wheels make it in the dirt. The Dakar seems right but for its weight problem offroad. Has anyone have experience with whese bikes on the highway and in the dirt?
  2. I have been thinking of going to the tip of Baja from San Francisco this summer and I would to hear from anybody that has and long distance experience on a Husky TE610 or BMW F650GS Dakar. I know the pros and cons but how bad is the Dakar off the blacktop and how bad is the Husky toolin down the freeway? Most of the time I would like to do back roads to Lake Tahoe and get it dirty on the way. Anyone with experience on both?