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  1. Desert DRZ

    whats your fuel mileage?

    I consistently get 45-50 mpg on my 2004 s. With the Clarke 3.9 gallon, I've gone up to about 150 on a tank without even hitting the reserve.
  2. Desert DRZ

    Clarke Tank, Wolfman Tank Bag

    Most of the stuff I do is part road, part dirt. Last weekend we did what we call the 'four peaks loop', which is to ride from Phoenix to Four Peaks Road (right turn off HWY 87 outside of Fountain Hills), take Four Peaks Rd over to Roosevelt Lake, take 188 to the Apache Trail, then ride that to Apache Junction and home from there. Sweet dual sport ride. A few weeks ago we did a loop up to Prescott and back using FSR 24 past Seven Springs, Bloody Basin Rd to Mayer, HWY to Prescott, Senator HWY to Crown King, down to Lake Pleasant on dirt, and then home on pavement from there. Also a great ride, but a long day. Have you done those? Any other recommendations for me? I'm pretty new to this.
  3. Desert DRZ

    Someone stole my bike

    That blows man. I hope they catch the B@stard that stole it.
  4. Desert DRZ

    Clarke Tank, Wolfman Tank Bag

    Before I bought my Wolfman Enduro Tank Bag, I tried searching but couldn't find a definitive answer to the question,'would the bag work fine with my Clarke 3.9 gallon tank?' Well in case anyone else wants to know, the two work fine together. The Wolfman is a nice bag, although it's not very large. I usually carry a couple bottles of water, a travel sized plexus and a rag (it's dusty around here), a couple extra tools, some snacks, my wallet and phone, paperwork, camera, and there is room for more. I like the Wolfman stuff, although it's a little pricey, and I'm thinking about buying one of their rear bags and probably a duffel too. Does anybody have those? Do you like them? Anyway, here's a photo of the two:
  5. Desert DRZ

    The Showcase your DRZ thread

    Here's one more for the dirt team... Yosh pipe, cfc engine guards (already served their purpose), cycra handguards, pro-taper bars, suzuki rack, wolfman enduro tank bag, clark tank, Continental TKC-80s...
  6. Desert DRZ

    WOW was I wrong !

    I know you said yellow or green, but I have a blue stock tank that I want to sell. If anyone wants it cheap let me know. I also have a stock exhaust if anyone wants it.
  7. Desert DRZ

    Is the Yoshimura loud?

    It's louder than stock, but not too loud at all. I have the Yosh with the Medium TEC insert and it is perfect. Loud enough to sound really good, but not loud enough to 'wake the dead' as someone else put it. It's not any louder than my street bike (an FZ6 with aftermarket pipes). I live in a pretty quiet little neighborhood with a bunch of old people, and I haven't had any complaints yet. You'll save some weight too.
  8. Desert DRZ

    bad crash today

    Damn, that sucks man. I just got home from work and took off my gear (I've been riding my FZ6 to work alot lately). Glad to hear you came out OK, and that your friend survived. If there's one thing about these bike forums, they're a constant reminder to wear gear and ride safe and aware, and that's a good thing.
  9. Desert DRZ

    Noob Saying Hello

    Thanks for the info Neil. Did you ever get that Clarke 3.9 gallon tank? If so, how is it working with the Enduro tank bag?
  10. Desert DRZ

    Noob Saying Hello

    I've been lurking since I bought my 2003 DRZ 400 a couple months ago so I thought I better join up and say hello. Great site by the way. I have a 2003 DRZ 400 (blue) with about 3,000 miles on it. Mods on the bike so far are CFC case guards, a Yoshimura full system, some rejetting work on the carbs, a clarke 3.9 gallon tank and a K&N air filter (all installed by the bike's first owner, a good friend of mine who recently switched to a KLR 650). Now, since I'm too lazy to search (forgive me) , does anyone want to give me some recommendations for tank bags that will work with the Clarke tank? How 'bout some pics of handguards on a blue DRZ? Can't hurt to ask I guess....