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  1. trulsonmx

    09 crf 450 hrs on engine

    Hi guys, I have a 09 450 I purchased new. It now has 85 hrs on bike. I installed hr meter when new. Oil and filter changed every 2 hrs - no exceptions using only Honda w/moly on engine side, Honda standard in trans. Clean air filter every ride -no exceptions. Starts easy runs great, only use non ethanol premium fuel, with lucas top end additive. Yes I am anal with maintenance. I am also 48 yrs old oldtimer expert speed. I want to how many hrs are safe to run on piston, crank ect. Thanks in advance. Ernie
  2. trulsonmx

    kdx 200-220 carb swap?

    My question is- if I swap 200 35mm carb for 33mm 220 carb will that increase off idle throttle response? I know I will lose some topend, but I am fine with that if lowend is cleaner and stronger.This bike will be on tight mnt trails with lots of slow speed 1st gear, climbing switch backs,creek crossings ect. So,has any of you tried this ? I think it will be the hot ticket personally. Any feedback will be apprciated. Ernie P.S. My sons bike is 06 200 with gnaly pipe and turbinecore silencer,150 main,42 pilot,clip in 3rd from top.It is a very low hr machine. Thanks again.
  3. trulsonmx

    09 kx 250f woods setup

    Hi guys, I have a 09 250f that is bone stock, less than 2hrs on bike. I purchased for my son a year ago.Well he broke his foot on 2nd ride and won't ride it anymore. I just picked up mint 06 kdx 200 for him,as he wants to trail ride instead of mx.I am thinking of riding 250f with him in the woods if it can be made into reliable offroad bike.What mods should be done besides skidplate,handprotectors ect? I am looking for reliablity advise. Thanks guys- I am actually looking foward to going back to the woods- it has been over 25 yrs. I have been into mx only the last 25yrs. Ernie:ride:
  4. trulsonmx

    09 piston hours?

    Thanks for the feedback guys-I am going to set my limit at 100 hrs.
  5. trulsonmx

    09 piston hours?

    I have had a couple different opinions on when to install new piston on my 09 450. I am a + 40 expert level rider,some say don't go over 40 hrs some say 60 hrs is more than adeqate. I would like to get feedback from other riders on when you changed out your piston and how it looked. btw- I have 45 hrs on my bike. Fresh air filter every ride,never more than 3 hrs on oil change using honda w/moly in engine side. Thanks in advance Ernie:thumbsup:
  6. trulsonmx

    09 to11 tb swap good idea?

    I some how broke tps on my tb-no one will sell me tps only,honda says I need to buy complete new thottle body.So, since I need to purchase new tb- is it good idea to upgrade to a 2011 tb? I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has done this. Ernie
  7. Hi guys, I am not sure how this happened, but somehow i managed to break tp sensor connector off of tp sensor.My question is-can I replace tp sensor on throttlebody or do I have to purchse a new tb? The plastic connector molded on tp sensor unit snapped off inside wire harness connector. The pins were still on tps so i carefully plugged it back in- now bike will not even start. I would be very greatfull to anyone with any knowledge on this situation. Thankyou in advance Ernie:banghead:
  8. Hi guys. My question is- can a 09 up 450 complete clutch assembly be swapped out for older 6 spring OEM assembly? The reson I am asking is it is time for replacement and I see a lot of bikes being parted out for a low price. If I find a stock assembly in good shape for cheap, will It be a improvement? I know -just put a hinson in right? At this time I am not willing to drop that kind of money into a clutch. If anyone knows if this will work, I will be grateful. Ernie:bonk:
  9. trulsonmx

    09 250f-best mod for low end gains?

    Hi guys, picked up a 09 very low hr (2) 250 for my 14 yr old. Would like advise on getting better bottom grunt.I have added 1 tooth to rear sprocket.Which exhaust is best for low end gains? Any other suggestions or ideas? Best jetting? We are in sw Washington mainly ride from 0-2500ft in alt. Thanks for any help. Ernie:ride:
  10. trulsonmx

    09450 racetech?

    Thanks for the replies. I am in sw washington,in a small town called Onalaska. 90% of the dirt here is clay based. I love my 09 450 but I do need to work on suspension- I am 5'10 230lbs. My biggest concern is not being plush on the acceleration chop and breaking bumps. If I were to return to racing I would be in the + 40 expert. I think I am going to try proper springs and play with oil volumes.
  11. trulsonmx

    09450 racetech?

    Hey guys,do any of you run racetech suspension on your 09-up 450? I have a local racetech guy trying to convince me to try the goldvalve setup.When I have had my stuff done in the past, it was done by rg3 with very good luck. So, before I agree I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks Ernie:
  12. trulsonmx

    2011 250 sx

    Hey guys didn't mean to start a argument- just venting some frustration with the way the salemen responded to my inquirey. I do have to say I had two of the dealers call me back and say they would try to find me one. I would also like to say I have bought 22 new bikes over the last 25 years from my local dealer.He does not carry ktm. I also built from scratch a large motocross race park 15 yrs ago that still operates today, which helps local dealers. I am a buisness owner myself, I realize times are tight at this time. I believe in hard times you need to ajust your thinking and go above and beyound to seperate your buisness from others. I have done that and I am having my best buisness year to date. Just my 2 cents. Ernie
  13. trulsonmx

    2011 250 sx

    Hello again guys, so I have been trying to find a dealer that is getting a 2011 250 sx in. I am not having any luck at all. So far I have called the the 6 closest ktm dealers and not one was even remotely interested in trying to get one for me! I am going to be honest, I am very disappointed in the ktm dealers around here. I even told them I am ready to buy now- with cash-no luck. Is there a number anyone has to call ktm to report this poor buiness practice? I am still interested buying, does anyone have a dealer that gives good deals, I am willing to travel if I have to. Thanks Ernie
  14. trulsonmx

    2011 250 sx

    Thanks for your reply, I pretty had my mind made up-but I needed to hear from someone that actually has ridden one. Now my problem seems to be finding a dealer getting one in around here. Thanks again Ernie.
  15. trulsonmx

    2011 250 sx

    Hi guys, I have decided to make the move back to two stokes. I have a 09 honda 450-which is a very nice bike, but riding a 450 is boring to me. I prefer to be able to ring the tar out of my bike while riding, having to think about proper gear selection, the right line choice ect,.I seem to have lost the fun factor with these big bore 4ts. I am seriously concidering a 2011 250 sx. It looks great, is light and claims good power. I am 43 220 lbs over 40 expert looking to get my passion of riding back. Are these bikes reliable and how do they handle? Any info would be appreciated. Ernie:thumbsup: