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  1. mx_mom

    kx 65 advice

    Pics would be great.. so i can get a better idea of what it is i am looking at
  2. mx_mom

    kx 65 advice

    I have a 03 kx 65.. i recently just had the top end done.. i put the motor back in and well it shifts hard..meaning the shifter sticks, i can only get it to shift into 4-6 when the motor is reved up and then i have a hard time shifting it down sometimes it wont shift down from 3rd.. its just doent feel right at all.. is this a tranny , gear, shaft problem ??? any ideas will help and how big of a job is it to get into the gears and look at them at home,, or do i have to go to a shop?? thank you
  3. mx_mom

    is a kx 100 right????

    i have a 06 kx 100 and love it..im a female rider and it has just what i am looking for..its a fun bike wouldnt give it up so go with the kx100 its a blast