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  1. What a great way to spend dicking off at work! Great report and photos!
  2. OK, so who's riding this one?
  3. Yep, I suppose I gotta be there! I'll bring the husky, the little one!
  4. What happened to that trombone guy?
  5. Hey there jarhead! Just been layin low this summer. I couldn't have gone anyway, wife broke her leg and been playing domestic dad ever since I'm up for the loop rock soon though! Whoa to you oh earth and sea for the devil sends the beast with rocks because he knows the ride is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the # of the bike.....
  6. Somebody's an Iron Maiden fan! Thanks for the invite punchy! I bet you can't ride it without putting your feet down!
  7. Geez, the pics give location away!!!!!! Man, that is SOOOOO Prarie City!
  8. Swimmin hole or Strawberries! Tract 42, jeep trails and the sweet smell of elephant ears.
  9. Well, I probably passed you somewhere. I did all of FH except loop 6.
  10. I'm going up to FH in the morning, probably stage around 9am. I have a couple rifles I want to sight in so I may stage down by Pagge Creek at the old chrome mine so I can sight them in the afternoon. I don't have the toyota anymore so if you are coming I'll be in a black H3.
  11. Hey, that doesn't look like Gold Note?
  12. pretty dry as of yesterday
  13. No rain yesterday, I'll be up there tomorrow for work and check it out.
  14. I concur, I was doing some mine work up at that elevation during that last heat wave and was surprised at how much snow was still there.
  15. Hey cracka! When we doing strawberry again?