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  1. rockhounder

    California to Las Vegas Ride Report (pic's)

    What a great way to spend dicking off at work! Great report and photos!
  2. rockhounder

    Sat 11/8 - Foresthill

    OK, so who's riding this one?
  3. rockhounder

    Sat 11/8 - Foresthill

    Yep, I suppose I gotta be there! I'll bring the husky, the little one!
  4. rockhounder

    I am Still Alive

    What happened to that trombone guy?
  5. Hey there jarhead! Just been layin low this summer. I couldn't have gone anyway, wife broke her leg and been playing domestic dad ever since I'm up for the loop rock soon though! Whoa to you oh earth and sea for the devil sends the beast with rocks because he knows the ride is short. Let him who hath understanding reckon the # of the bike.....
  6. Somebody's an Iron Maiden fan! Thanks for the invite punchy! I bet you can't ride it without putting your feet down!
  7. rockhounder

    82 Miles of Single Track Ride Report

    Geez, the pics give location away!!!!!! Man, that is SOOOOO Prarie City!
  8. rockhounder

    so? did the NorCal Sierra dirt vanish?

    Swimmin hole or Strawberries! Tract 42, jeep trails and the sweet smell of elephant ears.
  9. rockhounder

    6/8 Foresthill ride

    I'm going up to FH in the morning, probably stage around 9am. I have a couple rifles I want to sight in so I may stage down by Pagge Creek at the old chrome mine so I can sight them in the afternoon. I don't have the toyota anymore so if you are coming I'll be in a black H3.
  10. rockhounder

    6/8 Foresthill ride

    Well, I probably passed you somewhere. I did all of FH except loop 6.
  11. rockhounder

    Foresthill 5-31 ride pics

    Hey, that doesn't look like Gold Note?
  12. rockhounder

    Foresthill conditions - still wet?

    pretty dry as of yesterday
  13. rockhounder

    Foresthill conditions - still wet?

    No rain yesterday, I'll be up there tomorrow for work and check it out.
  14. rockhounder

    Memorial day ride

    I concur, I was doing some mine work up at that elevation during that last heat wave and was surprised at how much snow was still there.
  15. rockhounder

    Pi Pi ?

    Hey cracka! When we doing strawberry again?
  16. rockhounder

    49er Family Enduro This Saturday

    Hey Dan, Yep, I saw you guys parked where we usually did for resets. I should have not flown past you on check three! Congrats to your son! That truly was a good "family" enduro.
  17. rockhounder

    49er Family Enduro This Saturday

    What a dusty emm effer! Damn, zeroed 7 out of 10 checks, BUT I was on minute 51 and was following another guy on my minute that I had just met and my computer crapped out so we start for check 3 and BAM arrival 12 minutes early!!!!! AARGGHHHH!!!! 60 points out the window. I'm not sure if that was an enduro or we just rode around on dusty skid roads until we hit a few miles of test sections. Anyway, good job Polka Dots! Things went smoothly as usual. Even Oldedude got to zero me on the last check before gas stop. Still blowin dirt clods out my nose.
  18. rockhounder

    49er Family Enduro This Saturday

    I'll be there on my big yellow couch. See ya at the checks OD!
  19. rockhounder

    Real Deal SSS Ride this Weekend

    You won't get one here Cracka head. Too many ego's at stake. So eff it and come ride with me at the kiddie enduro Sunday since my minute partners are too sick to attend. I got a free spot on my minute for real. I can't ride the Sawmill on Saturday so I am going to ride the Crosscut on Sunday. Open spot for any takers. Oh, and you don't have to be fast, you just need to know how to tell time. Slyko Killer? C'mon, walk the walk brutha......
  20. rockhounder

    Sat 4/12 - FH Loop 2 Volunteer work party

    I'm up to 80 percent today. I busted my arse in the yard yesterday hacking and wheezing, looks like it paid off today. Just some hacking but all good for the most part.
  21. rockhounder

    Real Deal SSS Ride this Weekend

    Hang on, let me pop a couple estrogen pills, swig it back with a mimosa and I'll post something up when they kick in.....
  22. rockhounder

    Sat 4/12 - FH Loop 2 Volunteer work party

    You paint such a lovely picture. I can see the cat now running around the house twitching and having spasms trying to elude the large wad of lung cheese on its head from your last explosive sneeze.....
  23. rockhounder

    Sat 4/12 - FH Loop 2 Volunteer work party

    Good thing this got canx, this is the worst i've felt in a few years. Got the ears to the rails for the next go round.
  24. rockhounder

    Real Deal SSS Ride this Weekend

    Sorry Cracka head. Can't go. I was supposed to be cleaning trails at FH today with Bobbers but we both got the nasty bug goin around. Oh, and I might not be an "A" rider, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express.
  25. rockhounder

    Sat 4/12 - FH Loop 2 Volunteer work party