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  1. supralative

    Thumpstar BSF Pro 12/12 Mini Motard

    Its all up and running now. 12's front and rear for motard use, Classic Honda Big Bore Pipe, CLassic Honda Shifter, Kitaco Inner Rotor Kit, Pro Taper SE Mini Bars, Renthal Grips, Skunkworks Blue Gas Cap, Red Baron Chain Guide, MSR Chain Roller, and your other basic run of the mill items. Got new Bridgestone BT601SS's waiting for it when the Dunlop TT91's wear. Piston, cam, oil cooler, and some headwork will be next week!!! Its killer so far the way it sits!!!! I think I plan on dropping the front end abit to get it to turn in quicker. Then go heavier oil and bigger springs on the front to help it out.
  2. supralative

    Anyone riding in SW Missouri - Springfield?

    www.oklahomasuperbikers.com not Missouri but very close got races in Tulsa..one coming up June 25th and another big pit bike race June 18th