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  1. Hmmm might be the easiest way to get a 10-13 wheel
  2. So I have still have these forks off of a 2013 yz450f. I have a 2015 yz450f project bike I'm putting together and want to make them fit since the forks are trash on it. I have sitting in front of me: 2013 forks, a 2013 20mm front axel, 22mm front wheel spacers, and a 2015 front wheel. This may sound dumb but...can I utilize the 20mm axel on the 2015 22mm front wheel? Anyone understand what I'm saying?
  3. Holy cow thats nice. You need the PC R-304 Kevlar/Carbon Shorty to complete that set up
  4. Revival
  5. If im gonna ride slow, im gonna at least look good doing it. I say get a rad joe gibbs racing graphics kit.
  6. Oh no, was just a regular old stocker from the dealership here in Northern CA
  7. Havent ridden it yet.
  8. Ive made that mistake before, start your bike and try and ride it. Mine wouldnt engage the clutch without the ball. Sucks but easy fix. My lever seemed normal
  9. Thanks for your insight.
  10. So i believe i could use 13' wheel bearings and a 13' front axel and be good to go correct? I actually have those parts in my shop. Friend has the suspension and is practically giving it to me so i wanna at least attempt it. Anyone have thoughts?
  11. Copy, thank you. The forks are standard size and dimensions, mounted on a display (otherwise stock) 2013 yz450f. Stock triple clamps, stock excel wheels, etc. The forks are kashima coated, DLC coated, subtanks, etc. I guess not technically A-kit like a Pro Circuit set up. Thank you for your help!!