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  1. quadracing

    01 rm250 crank lower bearing need help

    They don't sell a complete crank for the 01 rm250...so I either have to take it to dealer or try it myself...anyone know of a link to the trueing instructions?
  2. I have split the cases and have the crank out on the bench now, and need to replace the lower rod bearing, I need to know how you go about that, do you just put it in a H frame press, and press the pin out, and put in the new bearing, pin, thrust washers, and true it back up, is it more difficult than it sounds? Will just a home garage h frame press do it, or need some big industial one? does it matter from which way you press the pin out? clutch side or flywheel side? thanks for all the help.
  3. quadracing

    Baja practice on Wednesday Question

    Yup....anymore they split it up right off the start usually
  4. quadracing

    LLQ AT Log Road

    I went and spectated....I picked up my bike the day before so didn't get to race but will be at the tracks soon
  5. quadracing

    newbie to 4-stroke need help

    I hope so....it is alot different than a 2 stroke that I have always riden that is for sure
  6. quadracing

    newbie to 4-stroke need help

    Ok.....Thanks for all the help everyone....I just wanted to make sure I wasn't hurting my new baby at all....LOL
  7. Well I just picked up a new left over 2005 yz450f and I have only rode it around for 10-15min so far it seems like it is really really hot....exhaust header is turning blueish....is this all normal of a 4 stroke....how do I know for sure it isn't running to hot??? thanks for all your help guys.