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  1. terryracing86

    WR250F Radiator

    not to be a smart a$$, but you could of bought a brand new one from a dealer for the price that you paid for a ebay one
  2. terryracing86

    yz250f coolant temps

    what are you guys with the 250f's running at on coolant temps, on ours it is at 154* at the radiator cap and pretty close to that on radiators, left side a little cooler, the pipe is running like 550*, the lower engine is running around 180-200*, head is running around 160-180*, all temps are lower on left side of bike away from pipe though, just wondering, i just had a left radiator repaired and was checking on the temps to make sure radiator is flowing, any help is appreciated, thanx
  3. terryracing86

    01 yz 250f

    ok thanx for the info
  4. terryracing86

    cam chain...

    i seen some oem cam chains on ebay also, new not used
  5. terryracing86

    01 yz 250f

    i found the 03 replacement cam, next is trying to change it out, lol wish me luck and i hope this solves the hot start problems
  6. terryracing86

    Just bought my son the 02' YZF250...WOW!

    we have the 01 yz250f and getting ready to do the cam swap, we were having trouble with hot starts also, we found that if you have TDC when trying to start hot, it really helps, still a pain when bike gets laid over, but pull the hot start button and get TDC and it will start, might take a few kicks,lol good luck
  7. terryracing86

    01 yz 250f

    are these cams hard to change or can the average joe change them, and where can we get the cam at?
  8. terryracing86


  9. terryracing86


    How much does it coast to join the AMA?
  10. terryracing86

    01 yz250f starting probs

    thanx for all the help, i will try all this and see if it will work, thanx again
  11. terryracing86

    01 yz250f starting probs

    that would be nice if it worked like that, i tried everything mentioned and still had to kick the thing way to much
  12. terryracing86

    01 yz250f starting probs

    come on ppl, no help here? i need asap before i hurt myself trying to start this damn thing,lol
  13. terryracing86

    01 yz250f starting probs

    we just got a 01 yz250f, starts fine when cold, after running it is hard as **** to start, i am using the hot start and the compression release, is there a certain trick that i need to try, the thing is wearing me out and wishing i would of bought a 2 stroke. any help is appreciated VERY MUCH