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  1. wango66

    Check this out

    Very cool. But that fun in the snow comes with a price. $4250.00 just for the kit to mount on your bike. Still, Very cool. I think I'll start writing letters to Santa Clause now.
  2. wango66

    97 yz80 clutch problem ??

    I think I might have fixed it. It looks like the pressure plate came out of the cogs on the clutch basket.I pulled the springs and put the pressure back into the splines of the basket and it seems to work again. When I had the pressure plate off I looked at one of the steel plate between the clutch discs and there appeared to be some heating marks on it. Might be a good time to do the clutch seeing I've got it tore apart now
  3. wango66

    97 yz80 clutch problem ??

    THe clutch seemed to slip a little when I took it for a ride before buying but thought that was because the bike wasn't built for 200lbs plus. I brought it home and tightened the adjuster on the bars, pulled in the lever and there was no tension on the lever at all. I reach down to where it comes out of the case and move the push lever back and forth with no resistance.The push lever that goes into the case also moves up and down alot. We just finished taking the clutch cover off and it looks like the clutch plates are loose with no pressure from the pressure plate. I think I may have to take the clutch apart. If I do, I'll check the discs for wear and maybe replace them. Thanks Wade P.S. My boy is sure bummed about not being able to ride his new bike.
  4. wango66

    97 yz80 clutch problem ??

    I just bought a 97 yz 80 for my son, brought it home and went to go for a ride but the clutch quit working. There is no tension in the lever on the handle bars and the lever that comes out of the crank case moves up and down fairly easy and there is no spring on it like my 426.The bike didn't come with a manual so I can't look in it for help. If any one has any advice it would be appreciated.Thanks