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  1. monster4U

    2006 Oil pump parts

    I changed the top end (piston and rings) at about 50 hours and all looked good. Now at 70 to 80 hours I have suffered rod bearing failure and the top end looks like it has been getting hot. Cam lobes look scorned along with the cam buckets. Is this because the piston was hitting the cylinder or from lack of oil? No Suzuki mechanic around here has seen this yet and so I am on my own. Going to check tolerances on the Oil pump gears tonight and see if I need new ones? Has any one replaced their oil pump? If so what parts did you replace?
  2. monster4U

    2006 Oil pump parts

    How do you know if the oil pump is bad without doing a pressure test? What parts should be replaced if it is bad?
  3. monster4U

    07 oil pump in a 06 RMZ450

    Getting ready to put a new crank and rod in my 06 along with everything else that goes with it. Wondering if anyone knows if a 07 oil pump will work in a 06 model. I have heard that they improved the 07 oil pump and I would like to upgrade. What parts do I need? Thanks
  4. monster4U

    My Track Helmet Cam

    Looks to me like someone on a 4-Stroke got passed by a 2-Stroke! That's gonna leave a mark!