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  1. yea im lookin into getting a 125 two-stroke or 250 four-stroke cause i have a crf150 and i want more power so im thinking of getting a 125 since i heard that 250f's cost alot of money to rebuild so im leaning towards the 125
  2. caleb123

    Your motocross Music?

    i dont usually listen to music while riding but before i listen to bob marley, sublime, damian marley, johnny cash, led zeppelin, Dr. Dre, NWA, and almost anything else but i might try listenin to musc this weekend while riding ive never thought of that
  3. caleb123

    should i do this??

    yea thats what i was planing on doing anyways but id say the 85 would hold off for a while
  4. caleb123

    should i do this??

    yea the guy said he would go to where my bike is on saturday to check it out and ride it a little bit and see if its a good trade
  5. caleb123

    should i do this??

    yea ive been tryin to sell my bike for a long time but know one wants it besides him and i know a 125 would be a better fit for me but if i can get a straight up trade for the kx witha fresh top end factory conection suspension fmf pipes and more stilll i figured i should jsut do it cause the bike was to fast for his kid who jsut rode it around his backyard
  6. caleb123

    should i do this??

    might as well im lookin for a two smoke anyways
  7. i have a crf 150 all stock and some guy wants to trade his kx 85 all set up for racing, i was just gunna sell my bike to get a 125 but now that he said hell straight up trade i think im gunna get that bike should i do it???
  8. caleb123


    what is R&D by the way haha
  9. caleb123


    alright thanks
  10. caleb123


    a 125two stroke or 250f
  11. caleb123


    yeai was thinking of getting a 125 but i wasnt sure if i could race
  12. caleb123


    im thinking about racing im 14 130lbs and im thinking about the 85 class but i dont know what bike to get and i have experience on bikes and i just want to race for fun any ideas??? thanks
  13. caleb123


    why would you go from a yz125 to a 85????
  14. caleb123

    MX Boots

    i have thor quadrants and have foot problems and they support my feet fine and ive been hit by some branches acroos the boot and barely felt it and had the bike land on my foot no damage done but it wasnt that bad
  15. caleb123


    i was actually lookin at a '03 yz125 with sst & powercore 2 exhaust system with gear