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  1. Mingara

    AG200 engine problem

    Just thought I would let you fellas know that I stripped and cleaned out the carb and replaced the air filter in my AG200 and now the bike is running as good as new. Thanks to those (Yamaha356 & Alyx) who contributed to fixing my problem. Cheers Mingara
  2. Mingara

    AG200 engine problem

    Yamaha 356 thanks for your advice. I was afraid someone was going to suggest a carby cleanout. One other thing I will ask about is the air filter. If the air filter is in need of a clean, could that affect the running of the engine and be a cause of the dirty spark plug. I took the aircleaner off the bike and ran it without the it for about a minute. What I noticed was that the engine seemed to run better but then it backfired a couple of times. Is it normal for a 4 stroke to backfire when the aircleaner is off. Just a thought before I tackle the carby thing this weekend. If anyone else feels they can add more suggestions to my dilema please feel free to comment. Cheers
  3. Mingara

    AG200 engine problem

    Hi all I am a newbie in need of some advice regarding my 1990 farm bike AG200. It is runnning rather rough and an inspection of the spark plug revealed it was black. I suspected someone may have put 2 stroke fuel in it so I emptied the tank and replaced the fuel. I ran the engine to rid the carby of fuel as well. The bike was not blowing smoke at all which makes me a little unsure about the 2 stroke being added. Anyway I took it for a short ride and it was okay except for a little bit of a surge now and then. When I got back it idled for a while so I thought it was okay. A short time later I started it (which took a while) and it was running roughly again. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks