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    1998 DR 250 Oil indicator Empty but bike full

    Hey everyone, Thanks for your replies. Yes it was a little overfull at first, and I couldnt see the clean oil. I ran the bike a bit more in the morning then got help holding it upright and sure enough, oil was there. Had a brilliant ride at a park called Louee all weekend, bike went like a dream, although I went for a couple of swims in some giant puddles, other than that, its all goood!! The 1998 Dr 250's do have a sight glass!
  2. Wild Orange

    1998 DR 250 Oil indicator Empty but bike full

    Hey everyone, Just did my first oil change on my DR that I have had for around 10 months, yes thats right, I should have done a change earlier but I didnt!! Anyway, I got through it, made a HUGE mess all over the garage floor, but didnt break anything mostly due to the wonderful threads on this forum with their little tips of information on what to do, and a very bewildered bike shop man. (i dont think they see many girls in that shop) ANYWAY! I have filled the bike up with fresh oil, around 1.4 litres i'd say, and ran it for around 4 minutes, then waited around 3 minutes with the bike vertical, and checked the oil level indicator and it was empty. Waited 20 mins and did the same thing again, nothing... From memory, before I changed the oil the meter was empty as well, but I hadn't gone through the proper motions of running the bike and having it properly upright so I didnt think too much of it. (when i emptied the old oil there was nearly 2 litres in there, so the indicator was clearly not accurate) I'm going riding in 2 days, so don't want to put myself or bike at risk of damage, but im fairly confident the indicator is just a bit dicky or something. Or maybe I need to run the bike for longer? It has been sitting idle for around3 weeks. Any advice on things I may have forgotten to do or done wrong that would cause the indicator not to fill? One thing I forgot to double check was the famed o-ring in the oil filter case, I thought I saw it but after doing some reading afterwards I realised the thing that I thought was the o ring wasnt the o ring, so im not sure if its there or if its stuck somewhere or whatever, im praying its not, but just wanted to describe the situation as best I could. My plan is to leave it overnight and try running the bike again in the morning, and if its still not indicating anything, maybe ride it over to the bike shop which is just around the corner and get the boys to take a look at it for me. I really dont want to pull the oil filter case off again causeof the mess it makes and the oil it wastes, but if thats where I might find the answer to my problem, then I'll do it! Thanks in advance for any of your advice!
  3. Hi everyone, Just got a phonecall from my brother who is out in a valley somewhere on a motorcycle riding weekend. He has had some internal issues with his KLX 250, 2001 model. He just rang me to ask about finding some information online to do with the "Timing sequence" for setting the overhead cams and the timing chain back in place. He said this is the kind of thing you would have to do once you'd pulled the top end of a bike apart and were rebuilding it. His manual is locked up in his garage back home in sydney, and if I cant help him, then he will spend the next two days of the camp in the kitchen cooking. Any advice as to where to find online versions of manuals, or the information he needs would be really really really appreciated.
  4. Wild Orange

    Exhaust System, 97' DR

    Hey all, Just bought a 97' DR 250. Its really fantastic, but I wanted a bike that sounded like a true thumper. The sound is half the fun. At the moment, went I start it it just sounds like my old posty bike! My bro's bike is a KLX250, and he has modified the exhaust system and now it rattles his whole building when he starts it in the garage underneath... I want some of that action, he said the bike would run better if I did it, and that it would only cost a couple of hundred bucks. He said I needed to make sure I got something that went from the head backwards. Anyway, was just wondering what everyone else thought about modifying the exhaust system, will it take ages to do it? What is involved? I really don't know much about it, but I am really keen to make the bike sound nasty!
  5. Wild Orange

    Beginner Boot Woes

    Thanks for your encouragement everyone. The boots I bought were fox Trackers. When I took the bike out for the first time, I wore my hiking boots cause I was too afraid of not feeling in control of the bike. But a few days later I decided to bite the bullet and wear them riding. I rode for about 2 and a half hours, sure I shifted a few times accidently and sometimes missed shifts and had to try more than once, but I got used to it. I was wearing the boots around the house lol, to wear them in a bit. Anyway, now I really like them, they are chunky and awkward, but I feel safe and secure wearing them you know? I did think I could brush past a few bushes which turned out to be tougher then I thought and nearly knocked me off, but meh, I'll soon learn!
  6. Wild Orange

    Beginner Boot Woes

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the forums and to riding. Just bought a 97' DR 250. I also spent a grand on all the gear to go with it. I have hardly sat on it yet because it had a new tyre and stuff put on it before it was delivered home here. Anyway, I've put my boots on a couple of times now, and I can hardly walk in them, let alone ride in them. I've only sat on the bike twice and fiddled with the gears and stuff, but its hard enough to change gears without boots on. With them on I can hardly move my feet up and down at all! Does it get better? Have I bought bad boots? A friend showed me how to move the gear rod to accomodate my boot better, but I dont know what position would make it easier. Anyway, just wondering if any of you other girls out there had the same experience when starting riding. Cya!