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  1. Muzzy is selling exhausts pretty cheap. I have them on my z which is a few pages back. I like them.
  2. NewYork

    I'll be there Friday through Sunday. White yz450 with sweet electrical tape numbers. #110 right now. Not sure if I'll have to change number for event.
  3. You arent lying. When I was stationed in Lemoore, I could handle pretty much everybody on a track. I really fancied myself the best rider on base. A few guys in my squadron were headed up to clear creek and invited me along. I spent more time sitting at the bottom of hills in awe, then riding them. lol. I finally did it, and realized my fears were backwards of how they should have been. I spent so much time afraid of the climb, that when I finally did it I realized i didnt give due respect to coming down lol. There was a guy in our group on an old yz490 that would just climb anything. Nothing but respect for the guys that can climb everything at clear creek. I'll stick to tracks lol.
  4. NewYork

    Whos going, what classes? Open C +25 (wish I could get my hands on a 125 or 250 so I could run 250c)
  5. NewYork

    And now I'm back to searching somebody local and reputable.
  6. NewYork

    Never heard of him, an I've been in search of a somewhat local suspension shop forever. Will be calling him.
  7. NewHampshire

    It was winchesteriffic! Nice deep lines formed, some really fast guys. over 400 riders.... got a little rough with braking bumps and such. Nobody left the track in an ambulance.... pretty damn good day of riding. Hope everybody else had a blast today.
  8. NewHampshire

    Come on out Ed. You know they only have a couple op's every year!
  9. Thanks man. Shes one of my favorite steeds!
  10. I just might.
  11. NewHampshire

    Hey Dave, I know I'm the wrong Mike, but this is the latest posting on their website. They also have a facebook page.
  12. I have a bone stock 08 yz450, nothing too interesting there, but this is my z1000. Its an 03 with Muzzy exhaust system, power commander, emissions block removed, powder coated wheels, powder coated frame braided stainless lines, new metzlers, race tech suspension.... and the list continues on and on. It gets a good bit of attention for a 7 year old bike.
  13. NewHampshire

    Yessir, I rode the albany arenacross, then parked it for the winter. You will definitely be seeing me at twister. '10 450!? lucky!!! When its not all shiny and new any more, I'd love to try it out if possible!
  14. Who else is gonna go? That track is amazing, and I have no problem making the3 1/2 4 hour drive to get there.
  15. NewYork

    Hey man, thats awesome! Let us all know how it pans out. Let her know we're cheering for her!