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  1. I was up at Stonyford OHV a couple of weeks ago and I kind of figured out that I'm not really a black diamond rider yet. I forgot what run it actually was but I scared my tail off trying to get up this thing. At one point I was just hanging on by just the bars with my legs dangling by the rear axle thinking, “keep on the gas, keep on the gas..” Then I actually hit a big bump and used it to pop myself back into riding position. I felt like I did some huge Travis Pastrana back flip lol. But man was it an adrenalin rush. I finally got to the top so I parked off trail a bit to wait for my buddies when I got off the bike I almost fell because my knees were shaking so much.. haha. So that was the fun part. We decided to take the same trail back down and I’ve found out going down is so much harder. My bike was idling kind of high and I should have messed with it before going down. It was high enough that it felt like it was pulling me down the hill so I was using the brakes a bit too much. Then I overheated the front brake and it was totally gone. I got into troubled so I dumped my bike. The poor thing slid down about 50 or 60 feet all on its right side hitting rocks the entire way. All I ended up with was a nasty bruise on my leg, but it wasn’t until I got back to the camp where I noticed the damage. My cycra probend guards were broken off at the mount and the screw in the handle bars was at a 45 degree angle. And my head pipe was bent. It’s bent so much that the kick start is resting on it by a quarter inch. The kick start lever isn’t damaged at all and is not stuck, but its sitting on top of the head pipe now. Bottom line is the thing is still functional. Maybe I lost a horsepower or two, but it still runs fine. Just wanted to know if anyone has switched pipes and has an extra one lying around I could take off their hands for cheap. I’ll try to get a picture of it later next week. It’s pretty good looking. oh and my flatland rad guards worked pretty well. big ol ding in them and they still kept up
  2. Jimb0

    More Trail Tech Vapor questions

    Right on, Thx for the reply. Unfortunately I have no intention of drilling into any thing on my bars; I’m just not to mechanically inclined. I guess that leaves me with the option of getting the Vapor PO4 Protector part # 022-P04 I was looking at the Lower Mount Protector #022-LM, but it says that its for after market anit-vibe stems which I don’t have. So from what I can tell the PO4 would be the best for a lower mount on a stock 250X. Looking at the mount it looks like the only thing that must be done is to mount the protector and no need to modify it in any way. It's just that I don't want the thing sticking up ontop of the bars begging to break the next time the bike goes end over end.
  3. Jimb0

    More Trail Tech Vapor questions

    More Trail Tech Vapor experience questions I took a fall and some how my stock odometer was destroyed. For a replacement I’ve decided to go with a Vapor from Trail Tech and I had a few questions. 1) I want some kind of heavy-duty protector for the vapor so I wont break this one too. How does the stock protector look/work? I’m sure the stock works good but I’m curious about getting the Lower Mount Protector so I can mount it under the bars for the extra protection. 2) What benefit is there to getting the Flatland Odometer Spacer? I read on a post a while back that if you get a Vapor then get the Flatland spacer as well. I’m new to dirt bikes and I was wondering what exactly does it do that is batter than stock, and if it’s actually better to have one with the vapor. 3) An off topic question. When I put on my Cycra probend hand guards I cracked the stock plastic throttle tube. I’m still using it, but I fear it will break on the trail and I was looking into open-end billet throttle tubes. From what I see STR and Pro Circuit both offer them, will either of them work with the probend guards and require no drilling out the hole? (pics on crfsonly.com)
  4. Jimb0

    Need a new odometer

    All right it looks like that is the decision I’m going to make. The TrailTech Vapor. However I just found out that it’s going to take me about 2-3 months for the surgery/recovery for my separated clavicle so I wont be getting anything anytime soon. FastRedRider. I’m going to probably take up your offer and put your name down somewhere so when I do get the trip comp I can bug you about the installation process. I'm sure it won't be too hard after reading directions over and over, but the last thing i want to do is mess up my bike for some stupid reason.
  5. Jimb0

    Need a new odometer

    About 2 month ago I crashed. I panicked and endoed my bike at 15 mph on top of a 15-foot cliff and ended up on asphalt ending up with a separated clavicle and a scratched up bike. The day after my trip to the emergency room I went to look at the damage my bike took. I just finished putting on a pair of Cycra Probend hand guards and boy did they help my controls, well everything except for my odometer some how. The front plastic is shattered and the thing is shot/destroyed. So I need a replacement because Honda wants $80 for a replacement so I’m thinking upgrade. Suggestions? So far I’m leaning toward the TrailTech Vapor with the protector as well as the flatland odometer space because it’s reasonably priced for a computer and a protector, has a cool rev display, and I hear a lot of people use TrailTech. However I am no way mechanically blessed and the many hook-ups scare me (took me about 2 hours to put the hand guards on). I have not been riding to long and don’t know too much about the sport. So am I headed in the right direction?
  6. First off thx for the very quick reply. So basically go for it. Also I know that there are 2 types of surgery, one involving a screw, and one involving drilling a hole into your clavicle. I’d assume that the drilling is a better procedure, because then there is no need to take out the screw. All right, I will take what you say under consideration and from this I will be more informative when talking to the next doctor I’m going to see. But unofficially from what you see with just the x-rays I should get it done.
  7. Dr. Mark, I know I wrote a lot, but I really want to be informative so you can make the best opinion and, give the best advice to your ability about my situation. Back-story: I separated my clavicle on June 24, 2006. I was riding my 250X by my cousin’s house. A buddy and I were on the side of a road and on one particular turn the shoulder of the road turns into a large embankment above the road. We were traveling around 10-15mph when he stopped in front of me during a turn on this embankment. I veered off to the side to avoid hitting him and the only place to go was off the embankment onto the road. Turns out that it was about a 15-foot cliff straight onto pavement. I freaked out and tried to stop before this blind cliff instead of gassing it out. I ended up endowing the bike, and I went over the bars. I hit the pavement dead on with my right shoulder first, and of course I wasn’t wearing my chest protector (effin dumb mistake). It hurt like a bitch and when I first moved my right arm I felt a pop in my shoulder. We went to the emergency room and they ended up telling us what it was and told us that only 10% of the time does someone really need the surgery. They kept me in a sling for a month and then said it would slowly get better. So: It has been 2 months now and the bone is sticking up more than it did a month ago, still hurts a bit, and I don’t have complete movement back. I saw the doctor again today and from what I’ve searched through on this forum I should have almost demanded the surgery done in the first place. I’m requesting a second opinion from another doctor who specializes in more sports injuries to see what he says, as well as to writing to you. Finally: I would like to hear your opinion on the subject knowing that you do a lot of dirt bike and sport injuries. I have the following X-rays that were taken back on the 23ed of June: http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/Jimb0_o/shoulder1.jpg http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y16/Jimb0_o/shoulder2.jpg So I would like to know your opinion on my injury as well as how long it will take to recover form the surgery. The doctor said that it takes about 2 months to heal. I’m currently a student and she said that I would be out of school for at least a week and 2 weeks if I have to drive myself. She also said that I would be out of work for at least a month and a half. I work as a cashier so I do use my hands a lot, but never really heavy lifting, only frequent movement. Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your opinion.
  8. Jimb0

    Question about Cycra probend hand guards

    right on. Thats all i needed to know. Thanks
  9. I'm two months into dirt biking and last week I bent my break lever when I was riding. I feel so stupid I was just sitting on a hill not really paying attention and I guess the weight of the bike shifted or something. It just tipped over and the bike must have hit break lever first and it bent the thing. I bent the lever back to place for a quick fix and I attend to buy a new stock lever and some Cycra probend hand guards. I heard that the Cycra probend guards are the "best" and to get the ones that mount to the triple clamp. There are a lot of different options and I just don't want to order the wrong ones. Question time. First off the side triple clamp mount is the one to get right? Not the front mount triple clamp mount. Second thing I really need to know is what the stock bars are made out of Steel or Alloy so I can get the correct "bar end style". Bike is 06 stock
  10. Jimb0

    first bike

    Very first dirt bike is a 06 CRF 250x. It’s only 2 months old. Don’t own a street bike (yet) because my parents will kill me, but I plan to have a 600RR in 5 years or less.
  11. Jimb0

    Tranny question. Do I have a prob?

    A friend on mine has a cabin someone around latke Tahoe in the city of Tahoma or something like that. We will be heading up there hopefully sometime around the summer. I don’t think we will be doing the entire Rubicon because we are all still newbies and we don’t want to get hurt to bad. Depending on how hard the trail is we might just do the trail with our rigs (trucks/jeeps) instead of the bikes.
  12. Jimb0

    Tranny question. Do I have a prob?

    I plan to do all the uncorking after I protect the bike if I drop it. It’s my first bike and I don’t want to mess it up to bad. I got the skidplate and the rad guards, next is some cycra probend brush guards and then I’ll do the CCC mods. While I’m on the subject what needles would I want to go with if I’m doing everything. I live in CA so I got the CA model, and I plan to be in Pismo later this year or next year at like 0ft elevation, but also I’ll be up in Tahoe in two months on the Rubicon trail at what ever elevation that is at. Would I have to change jets for the diff elevations or would I be good to keep the same ones in. I’m not to good with mechanic work... I had to have a friend walk me through the oil change because I was afraid I would mess something up.
  13. OK so I’m totally new to dirt bikes and purchased a new one about a month ago. I just did my first oil change (oil and tranny) and I noticed something odd. Before the oil change I used to be able to pull in on the clutch lever and move the bike freely when the engine was off, but now the only way I can move the bike freely when it is off is with the bike actually in neutral and not just by the clutch lever. I don’t know if I was doing something wrong before the change by not actually putting the bike in neutral while moving it. I’ve ridden the bike and the clutch works fine when the bike is running. Clutch disengages perfectly when motor is on and I’m riding it. I tightened the clutch cable by the clutch lever so that there is barely any play, but it still wont move while off with just the clutch pulled. Could I have over/under filled the tranny with oil? I used up almost the entire bottle of tranny oil because some oil was lost while filling the bike. Also when I open the check hole oil runs out abit.
  14. Jimb0

    Stupid noob question...

    I was looking in the thumpertalk store. It says that its 04-05. Will it fit the 06 too? And I cant find the flatland skid plate in the TT store. And one more thing while I'm at it. I'm going to get some Cycra Probend hand guards and I heard that the triple clamp mount was the best choice, but which one the front triple clamp mount or the side triple clamp mount?
  15. Jimb0

    Stupid noob question...

    So... I'm on the Flatlandracing.com online catalog and I’m going to get some radiator guards and a skid plate from them. When looking at the radiator guards the only option is “add one to basket”... so do I really need to purchase 2 or do they come in a pair???