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  1. I forgot to mention that I did infact replace the spark plug and when I did take out the old one it was tan like it should be.
  2. Hello, I let my 94 kx250 sit for about 3 weeks without being ridden with the gas turned on and it got rained on some during that time. When I went to start my bike after 3 weeks it just wont start. There was tons of gas spewing out the exhaust where the pipe meets the head when kick starting it. I could barely kick start the bike because the cylinder was filled with gas the first few kicks. I spend about 2 hours kick starting it and trying to figure out what was wrong. I havent had any problems with the bike before this and last time a rode 3 weeks ago it ran great. It gets great spark and I drained the gas and replaced with with new gas. I also just put a new air filter in and replaced the muffler packing, springs, and gasket. Does anyone have any item what could be wrong? Thanks in advance!
  3. ok, thanks for the info.
  4. I have a large dent in my stock pipe and its also alittle bentthat causes it to leak from where it meet the head. What you you spend the money elsewhere on?
  5. hello, Im trying to find out the year of my yamaha warrior. In my Clymers manual it only lists the years up untill 95 and my number doesnt match any of thoughs so I know my quad is newer than a 95. The vin number is worn out about 3 letters on the frame so I cant get an accurate vin number. I do however have the engine number which is what the Clymers manual was usuing to tell the year. Does anyone know how to tell what year my quad is from the engine serial number? Thanks in advance.
  6. I was looking to get a new exhaust chamber for my 94 kx250. I was wondering if there are big differences between the procircuit works pipe and the pro circuit platinum pipes? Also is there a big difference between the fmf gold series pipe and the 2 pro circuit pipes? One last question I have is does the pro circuit works pipe mount on the opposite side of the stock pipe because that is what is shown in the picture for the pipe. Thanks in advance.
  7. Is a fmf shorty louder than a regular power core II? It makes it super loud even if I repack the silencer with fmf performance packing?
  8. Hello, I have a 94 kx250 and I read somewhere that if I were to cut my stock silencer in half or at least shorter then it would help low end power. I was wondering if this would work instead of buying a new fmf short silencer because im trying to save some money. Also, would I be able to use fmf performance packing instead of the stock silencer packing and would if yeild any power gains or losses? If I were to do this would it hurt my performance at all because I also dont like the look of the exhaust stilling out the back when you look at the bike from the side.
  9. Does anyone have a stock or aftermarket exhaust chamber for a 94 kx250 that they want to sell?
  10. Will a stock exhaust chamber from a 95 kx250 fit my 94 kx250? Thanks in advance
  11. I ended up getting the bike, seems like a great bike. Thanks for the info, ill check that out later today.
  12. hello, Im going to go check out a 94 kx250 tonight. I was wondering if there are any common problems that I should look out for with these bikes. Also, are they a good bike. Thanks for the info
  13. Thank you so much qwik-E-02CR! I really appreciate all your insight. Ill definitely be taking your advice. Ill be in touch if I have any other questions. Thanks again!
  14. Im not as worried about handling the power but of the side, weight, and maneuverability of the bike. Are 250 2 strokes a lot heavier than the 125's? Do they handle better or worse? Are they a lot taller? I think I can handle the power and not just go WOT all the time. on the 250's 2 strokes, Im guessing you dont have to rebuild them as much because you dont ring them out as hard to get power.
  15. So I guess I should be looking for a 125 2 stroke then like I have been. There just havent been any good ones for the right price since I let the last one slip through my fingers last weekend. Im just worried that 250 4 stroke will be too much power. I wish I could ride one and tell.