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  1. poppawheat

    FCR Jetting Question

    So any ideas for an SM at sea level w/ 3x3 mod and a yosh full exhaust?? My JD kit is arriving today, so I'm not that worried about needles or main jets, and it has a 45 pilot jet already. What jets (pilot air jet and main air jet) should I be running in the intake bell for a good baseline since my carb is different from the TT one??? Any ideas Eddie or anyone???
  2. poppawheat

    FCR Jetting Question

    Should I still remove the pilot air jet and use a 200 main air jet like the recommended settings in the FAQ section?? Thanks for the reply
  3. poppawheat

    FCR Jetting Question

    1st post I know, but I have a question about fitment of an FCR from a YZF-450 onto my 07 SM (Yosh exaust, 3x3 mod, sea level). I have a noss machine adapter and all the OEM suzuki stuff lined up. I've read every post ever and still can't figure out the two jets in the intake bell- are they the same as the Sudco diagram- pilot air jet on the left, main air jet on the right? The pictures of the jets on Sudcos website dont seem to match up with whats on the carb?? There was a jet on the left, and nothing on the right. I'm ready to be flamed for not buying the TT kit, but any help trying to figure this out would be great!!