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  1. Penguini66

    Chinese d/s hostility?

  2. Penguini66

    Best way to carry more gas.

    I always have one 32 oz MSR bottle with me. Just seems to make sense to carry fuel in a container that was designed to carry fuel. Especially when you can get them for next to nothing on ebay. Carrying fuel in a container that was designed to carry soda/pop...ummm...that doesn't sound too smart unless in an pinch.
  3. Penguini66

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    I believe that there are already China bikes with 50 state legalization and CARB legal(it would be easy to find the posting/reference if CARB wasn't the same as the abbreviation for carborator). The cost of emmissions equipment on a bike, when in mass production in China, will be minimal. The only thing I'd worry about would be the cost of compliance testing (and I'd be willing to bet that would be something the Chinese government would subsidize). But from what I remember, the guy that got the CARB bike didn't pay any more than anyone else.
  4. Penguini66

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    Yep, I'd have to agree with you on that for the most part. Regardless, I think these Chinese bikes are going to make the market pretty interesting over the next 10 years. But don't forget, Chinese products have brought the prices/costs down in just about every other single industry, I see no reason why it can't happen in the Motorcycle/Automotive industry. No market segment is immune from this because, unless I missed something over the past 15 years, Ammerican consumerism is driven more by cost, not quality and performance. High quality, high performance products have all gone into nich categories with the mediochre Chinese crap for the masses. When I started looking for a dual sport, I was relatively shocked at the price gap between the low end Japanese bikes and these Chinese bikes. IIRC, the lowest price I could find for a new Japanese DS bike was a little over $4k (nearly four times the cost of a Chinese bike).
  5. Penguini66

    Chinese d/s hostility?

    WOW. I haven't posted here in a long time and figured the hate would have quieted down by now. Guess not. Anyway, I guess one good thing about the china bikes is that their low price point is going to bring down the price point for the mainstream bikes. Hopefully closer to something a little more reasonable.
  6. Penguini66

    Dual-Sport 200cc Lifan-Powered Bike from Day-One.....

    This thread has some links in it. I got mine from Hooper Imports but last I heard they were out of -5's and waiting on a shipment of -3's.
  7. Penguini66

    Dual-Sport 200cc Lifan-Powered Bike from Day-One.....

    Just signed up and posted a "check-in" thread for other Lifan owners. Site looks nice and should do the trick.
  8. I've also done the same thing in the past of using the rain gear as a windbreaker for cold mornings. Its amazing how effective it works at keeping your knees from going numb. No kidding man. Not to mention, I attempted a practice emergency stop while out in the rain over lunch today. Let me just say, this bike is so light that the rear brakes are completely useless. At least on heavier bikes I've had, the rear brakes at least did something in the wet. Only good thing is that a light bike is easier to controll in a slide...as I found out today. Luckily at only about 25mph. Oh, and if commuting 20 miles to work, in heavy traffic, in the rain, on a $1,000 Chinese motorcycle, with a milk crate strapped to the back isn't "Adventure" riding related enough, I officially personally apolagize for further diluting the "Dual Sport/Adventure" forum yet further. As far as the hands and feet...I've been considering some Firstgear Motorcycle Rubber Motorcycle Overgloves for my hands and some Firstgear Motorcycle Rubber Motorcycle Overboots for my feet. Anybody have any experience with them or any other recommendations?
  9. Looks like I'm going to be giving the wet weather gear a good test today. The call is for severe thunderstorms and its raining cats and dogs right now and I'm at work. The radar shows green accross most of the area with some yellow and red mixed in. Hopefully it slows down just a bit before I head home at 5:00 for my 20 mile commute. I did find out just the other day that I need a better pair of boots or at least some boot covers. Sucks walking around all day at work in soggy boots. The gloves on the other hand, help up pretty good with two light coats of camp dry.
  10. Penguini66

    Chinese Dual sports - Where'd you get yours?

    Registration/taxes vary from state to state. Here in PA, I wrote out a $130 check to the Department Of Transportation the day I tagged my bike for registration/tags/tax. Check out your states DOT/DMV website and see if they list the fees.
  11. Penguini66

    Who commutes on a chinese ds bike

    I love the looks of the Zipstar. If they turn out to be decent, and they have a lower seat height(due to the smaller wheels/tires), I plan to pick one up for my girlfriend. I commute 65km(40mi) per day on my Lifan rain or shine. Getting an average mpg in the low 70's now with just over 1000km on the bike. Wore the rain suit this AM again and rode to work in a light drizzle. Although, I'm definately looking forward to when it gets a little warmer out. Only thing I really don't like about that little Zipstar is the small fuel tank. Here's some websites that show what appears to be the same bike: www.zongshenamerica.com Zongshen/Zipstar corporate site www.qlinkmotor.com A dealer that lists it. The website that started my searching
  12. How about instead of complaining about it in a thread, send a message to an admin, moderator, or the site owner(s) asking to have something done about it? I happen to value TT for its large user base, all the motorcycle knowledge that comes along with it and the overall quality of the site. Why should I, just because I choose to ride a Chinese motorcycle, have to leave? Is it because I ride a bike that is not "cool" enough? Is it because i ride a bike that is not up to YOUR standards? Yes, this thread doesn't belong in DS. Can't argue with that. We (at least myself) are waiting patiently for one of two things to happen. 1) A chinese bike section to be created on TT and to have all of these threads moved over there. 2) The owners/admins/moderators to tell us to leave. Unless I missed something, neither has happened at this time. Because of the nature of the decision, I can fully understand that it may take some careful consideration. So I also understand why it may be taking so long. But I sure would like to at least hear an inkling as to what direction is being considered.
  13. Penguini66

    Cheap bikes

    Exactly. The Chinese bikes are not up to the same level of quality or capability of the Japanese bikes, but they also do not cost nearly as much. It just depends on how much "quality and capability" you want to pay for. Do you need a bike capable of a full on desert race or do you just want a bike for her to putt around on in the woods? If you're mechanically inclined and are used to performing maintenance on a bike, I'd say go for it. You should be able to pick up a dirt bike for around a grand(depending on what you want). The 250cc dirt bikes are here now. If you're looking for a dual sport, they only go up to 200cc's right now. I have a Lifan 200cc dual sport that is tagged and registered for street use here in PA. I've put over 600 miles on it in just the past few weeks and I couldn't be happier considering it cost me less than $1,500 shipped and I'm getting 70+mpg commuting on it. Here's a few online links to check out and wet your appetite: Dealers: www.hooperimports.com www.xxx-motorsports.com www.menintools.com (in Jersey if you're in the Eastern part of PA) www.evosales.com www.powersportsmax.com The of course, there's Ebay. Ebaymotors>Motorcycles>Other Makes Manufacturers/major distributors: www.americanlifan.com www.roketa.com www.zongshenamerica.com www.qlinkmotor.com
  14. Penguini66

    New Chinese bike owners prep thead

    DJ, Congrats on the purchase. I've only had my Lifan a few weeks but, after today, will have logged over 1000km. Here's my $.02: Don't wait to do the lock-tite or lock washers deal. I thought I had everything tight and waited to do it until I had a few hundred km on it. So far I've lost my helmet lock, a bolt for the lower chain guard, and I almost lost my front steering lock. What I'd suggest is what I did. Get yourself a bottle of blue lock-tite, a metric socket set and a set of metric wrenches. Have a seat on a milk crate next to the bike and remove every single bolt, nut and screw that you can find, other than on the engine itself, and replace it with some lock-tite on the treads. It really shouldn't take you more than an hour and a half to do the whole bike. Some things that I found pretty loose when I did that was the exhaust, exhaust heat shields and the rear rack. Hopefully, they'll stay put for a long time now. Another handy thing to have would be a metric tap and die set. Some of the welded on nuts on my bike have some pretty crappy threads that were possibly cross threaded at the factory and could really use a run through with a tap. Change the oil ASAP. I changed mine after about 200km and I'm not really sure if what came out was actually oil. It sure didn't look like any oil I've seen before. It was verry runny and black and came out in what looked to be two different colors. Make sure to take notice if the clutch needs adjusted. Mine was still grabbing with the lever pulled all the way in. This made it impossible to get the tranny in "N" when at a stop with the bike running. With a few turns of the adjuster it now works perfectly. Check the fuel line to make sure that it is properly attached and in good shape. Mine was barely on the fuel tank barb and the clamp was about 1" away from being of any use. Regardless, the fuel line should probably be replaced with something more substantial. The electrical connectors are really crappy and pretty exposed to the elements. If you plan on ever getting the bike wet, I'd look into some way of protecting the connections. That's something that I still need to do and haven't decided on how I plan to do it. About the battery. The one that came with my bike crapped out after two days. I called the guy I bought it from and he said that these bikes only make enough juice to maintain a battery. Not enough to really charge a battery. His suggestion is to trickle charge the battery overnight before ever really using it. I have a new battery on the way from him and will try his suggestion. Lastly, while looking at the electrical stuff, make sure that the electrical components are attached firmly. Mine are mostly attached with rubber slip-on mounts. Some of them were firmly in place...others were not.
  15. A $.97 can of black spray paint from WallyWorld shoud fix that up right and quick.