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  1. can i swap the tranny gears on the new 08 300xc and xcw? i am wondering if, say, the 2nd gear on the xcw can be swapped for the closer ratio xc tranny 2nd gear? and also, are the 1st gears on each of them the same in the transmission but the w feels slower because of the 13 tooth chain sprocket?? fill me in if you can!!!!!! thanks
  2. does anybody have the exact gearing sizes of the tranny's on the 08 ktm 300xc and the 300xcw. i am looking to compare each gear in order to get a better idea of which tranny would better suit my riding style and type. thanks !!
  3. Levi Overacker

    Your Vote: Best premix oil?

    #1 klotz supertechniplate. smells fantastic!!!! works great
  4. my buddy has a 2002 ktm 300mxc that needs a new top and bottom end and a new pipe, but is set up everywhere else. Should i sell my 2006 yz 250 and buy and fix his bike or wait next year and try to buy a 2008-2009 ktm 300xc. i am not 100% sure that i will be able to afford 4000 more next year so i am wondering exactly how different the two bikes will be being 6 or 7 years different. any input on the differences would be appreciated
  5. Levi Overacker

    Can I get away with just replacing the ring?

    did you have any porting work done?
  6. Levi Overacker

    06' yz 250 vs. 08' ktm 300 exc

    pros and cons and opinions please
  7. Levi Overacker

    Flywheel weight question

    9 oz sfb
  8. Levi Overacker

    FLYWHEEL WEIGHT 9,11, or 13 oz / 2001 YZ250

    9 oz for sure unless you are more of a trail cruiser and not a bark burner
  9. Levi Overacker

    07 YZ250 Jetting

    the longer your silencer is, the more top end you will have. if he has a shorter silencer, he might have more low end power. you have a longer or stock silencer and he has a shorty? ?? your float bowls might be at different levels?? his top end could be fresher than yours. a worn top end will feel ok on top but very lacking down low. a good sign for a new wiseco piston !!? hope that helps
  10. SWEET !! money bags !!! lol !!
  11. Levi Overacker

    Can I get away with just replacing the ring?

    i would put money to say that your ring spun on your piston and then got caught on a port. a lot of the time if you overheat the motor even a little, more than two times, the pin that holds your ring from spinning will work itself out and cause your ring to be able to spin and catch a port while running. either way it looks like your ring caught on your port and took everything out. you need to send your cylinder off to get re-bored and re nikasealed and then put a new piston kit in. including a wrist pin bearing and everything. check your rod for excess play on top and bottom too. good luck. and have someone else do your top end this time. if you search around for prices, you might only be out 250 plus installation labor.
  12. Levi Overacker

    06 yz 250 180 main jet?

    its too bad i have a completely different motor. 2 strokes have different powercurves
  13. i was wondering if anybody has tried to run a 180 main jet on their newer yz 250 to see if it improves the top end over-rev. it has a 178 stock. i tried a plug chop test on my 06 and it appeared too lean. the weather was in the upper 40's and my needle was lean but ????? it should have been a bit darker. im just trying to improve whatever i can right now with carb tuning. any personal jetting specs would be appreciated.
  14. Levi Overacker

    Top end question (rebuild)

    think of it this way. if the bearing started wearing out after you reinstalled it, and the bearing destroyed your push rod and caused you to have to crack your case and replace it too, .......you would probably regret not replacing it wouldnt you?