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  1. bmdtech

    Rear Tail Light and new blinker setup

    These are the light/plate bolt combo that I purchased to get the signals. http://www.motosport.com/street/product/LOCKHART-PHILLIPS-BRACKET-LED-TURN-SIGNALS/?psreferrer=%253F&catalogId=104020
  2. bmdtech

    290cc Athena big bore kit hits 31 hp!

    I am curious as to if Thumpthing had any porting done on the engine during this process? It looks like the big bore does help the bottom end tremendously, which is about the only point I feel much of a weekness on this bike. I ride with quite a few guys on big ktm 530's and the biggest slowdown I see is going around tight corners and trying to pull out fast if I am not in the "right gear" its slow going. The bottom end improvment would help from this kit.
  3. Hello all, I think I have a pretty good modification of the stock rear tail light assembly. I have cut out all the black plastic removed the stock blinkers and moved up the brake light to directly mount to the rear frame. After that I removed more black plastic and mounted the license plate light directly to the stock steel hanger by drilling out 2 holes where the stock reflector is just below the plate lamp. Then mount that directly to the end of the hanger. It moved up the the whole thing about 8 inches and its very solid and much cleaner than the stock thing. Tell me what you think.
  4. bmdtech

    WRF250X/R needed for a bigbore kit

    What kind of increased maint. can we expect with this kit installed. More frequent oil change? Valve adjustments? Anything else I may be forgeting? Thanks
  5. bmdtech

    Rear or Front Sprocket? WR250R

    I just picked up a 47 tooth from Rocky Mountain ATV and it has beveled holes for the bolts to go through. Any one know where I can pick up the correct bolts for it and what kind? I didnt even think about the fact it may require different bolts for the sprocket. I picked up the RMA Rear Aluminum Sprocket 47 tooth part.
  6. Mine does the same, but in every gear 2nd from about 30 to 35, 3rd from 43 to 48, 4th from 55 to 60 and I havent gone fast enough in 5th to find out where it starts there. For mine it sounds like the engine gets very almost pingy in those ranges. I have 2200 miles on mine and hasnt gotten worse or better.
  7. bmdtech

    Mounted Avon Distanzia's for the R

    I am thinking of doing this but I am not sure if there is any way that one could get those on a second set of rims? What is the best way to go about having a set of dirt and a set of street wheels with this bike? I have seen the thread that creamcheese is going through and putting street tires on an R and Dirt tires on an X but it seems he is modifying the brakes and everything to get that done. Couldnt you just get a set of the same rims and put 2 different sets without messing with all the brake stuff?
  8. bmdtech

    2009 Updates?

    All I have is that the parts manager from my local yamaha dealer has said that Yamaha is looking at having a 450R/X for 2010. I guess we will have to wait and see though.
  9. My local Motorsport store wont have any of these in untill first week September. Anyone know of an online store or even a local store that has these in stock now and will ship? I dont really want to wait another month for one of these. Please help.
  10. bmdtech

    AIS Remove it or Leave it ??

    I have been a little confused here , I thought the AIS was the tubes and canister thing that raised up the air flapper? If not I am not seeing where this AIS thing is supposed to be at on my bike.
  11. bmdtech

    WR250X FI: intake air temperature sensor bias mod

    would that ratio change if you were to have airbox lid off and exhaust mod? I am a noob on this stuff.
  12. bmdtech

    WR250R Which mod first

    What I am looking for is my motor not to bog down so badly when I am in 3rd trying to gain some acceleration. I am about 5'11 and 215 without gear so this may be taxing the poor thing a bit. I will be doing the gearing up to 46 teeth when I change out the tires / chain. But I intend to also do either the exhaust or Power commander within the next month or so. The second of these choices will have to wait untill off season.
  13. bmdtech

    WR250R Which mod first

    I am looking at modding the bike a bit and I cant do all at once. So the question I have is should I do FMF exhaust system, or power commander first. I will have to space this out due to money reasons I am just wondering which will give me the best performance first? Thanks
  14. bmdtech

    WR250R Accidental Airbox Mod

    This got me a little worried. I have removed the EXUP cables and done the airbox mod. I am currently running with the side door off the sound hasn't bothered me to bad yet. With just these mods am I in danger of running my bike to lean and ruining my engine? If so the Door will go back on for sure.
  15. bmdtech

    WR250R and 20w-50 oil?

    Recommended oil in the manual states 5w-30 when its colder and 20w-40 when its warmer. Would there be any harm in running 20w-50 in my bike through the hot summer months? Also, where is the elusive Bleed Bolt? I have looked and the picture is not very helpful to me.