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  1. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    I laid the law down (or tried)I told her “I AM BUYING A NEW MASSTER CYLINDER AND ITS GOING TO COST A LEAST $ 500.00” Her response “How are you going to pay for it” I looked her in the eyes dropped my voice down low and said “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE I PROMISSS I WILL BEHAVE AND DO ALL OF MY CHOURS AND FINISH ALL MY STARTED PROJECTS”……..It did not work. I then raised my voice and yelled “I WILL WORK MORE OVER TIME AND PAY FOR IT”. Her response “makes sure you work enough to pay for all of the other parts that you have bought for that THING” my response “THAT THING” (she called my DRZ 400 S a “THING”)” ITS NOT A THING IT’S A DRZ 400 S” at this point she became an accountant and off the top of her head she managed to tell me that I have spent over $2000.00 on my “THING”. By this time her lunch brake was over, I went home and started to lick my wounds. This is not over yet!!!!!. I will get a new master cylinder, I might ever order it today….. after I send her flowers and a card. Remember I told her it was 500.00. That was a pre calculated lie. I know it will be cheaper. I will tell her I got a great deal, maybe even that it was on sale (she is a woman and no woman can say no to a sale) I WILL KEEP YOU POSTED
  2. orangeturner

    Powder coat or Anodize parts?

    Thanks for the response, I might have time to get the parts done by tomorrow if so I will post some pictures.
  3. orangeturner

    Powder coat or Anodize parts?

    The rear sprocket, cover for the rear master cylinder and the rear brake foot lever. Maybe in the feature the triple clamps. I work near a powder coat location who can powder coat the whole frame if I wanted that. I can get some parts anodize black (this is a one time thing from a military grade anodize location)
  4. orangeturner

    Powder coat or Anodize parts?

    Which is better for Motorcycle parts:prof:
  5. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    You guys are awesome, not only have I learned who to work on my bike but how to buy things for it. Minor problem I married an account, who use to be an auditor for the State. She knows exactly how much money goes in and out. I will give it a try. I will tell her it was Peer pressures from all of the folks from Thumper talk. I am sure that if things go bad you’ll give me advice on how to fix the problem. With all of the experts on this site. I should not have a problem
  6. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    thanks you Sir, I will start my search. If I tell my wife I am going to spend another 299.00 she will kill me!!! then again you only live once.
  7. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    Follow up question, which other front master cylinder can I use? Maybe from another bike?
  8. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    Thanks for your quick respose Aaron Silidker and Niel Claydon. I would also like to say that the tech support at Braking responded withen 15 min of leaving a voice message VERY COOL!!! This was their response "I received your voicemail about the 4-piston rear caliper. You can use >the stock master cylinder, but we highly recommend using a radial master >cylinder and one that has larger sized pistons than an OE to push the >larger pistons. We make a 16mm and 19mm (stock is about 11mm) for >supermoto and street use. They retail for $299 and can be purchased >from your local dealer. Our part #'s are MC1601 for the supermoto >single disk option and MC1901 for the supermoto dual disk option. > >Let me know if you have any other questions.> > >Thank you.> > >Mike Ivers"
  9. orangeturner

    Front “Braking” caliper question.

    the piston diameter is 36mm. I called Braking and was unable to speak to a live person, I left a Message.
  10. I just purchased a “Braking” 4 four piston caliper for my 06 DRZ 400 S. I will be using this with a Wave 320 MM Rotor. Will I be able to use my stock Front Master Cylinder?
  11. orangeturner

    FCR Jet ID please Help

    What does the "pilot air jet" look like in an FCR Carb. Is it little one or larger one with small holes on tip?
  12. orangeturner

    HELP!! FCR install

    Thanks, I will advise on the out come later. I have to go to work now (I must work to pay the FCR)
  13. orangeturner

    HELP!! FCR install

    Just instaled,, the bike will start, however when i let go of the throttle it stalls
  14. I recently purchased an “FCR conversion the "burned way" from the TT store. I will be installing it on a 06 drz with a stock air filter, 3X3 mod, I am running a Jarding Rt-4 (slip on) pipe. Will I have to re-jet or change the needle, or will I be able to install as it arrives? (Hopefully soon!!!!) Thanks for the help!!!
  15. orangeturner

    Stolen 06 DRZ 400 SM

    I live in SO CaL can you give me the Phone Number for LO JACK. I would like to put that on my bike. DRZPREIST hang in there BRO, I hope you get your bike back.