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  1. The MSF course isn't a bad plan, and it wouldn't hurt to go thru the motions again myself anyways. I'll do that, thanks
  2. One of my roommates picked up a Honda Rebel 250 a while ago, and wants me to teach him to ride. Now I've got no problems with that, and in fact rather honored that he wants me to do that. However, I'm not sure that he see's it as anything beyond cheap transportation like his bicycle (he's 23, going to ASU). Now I've been riding for about 15 years, and know full well of the dangers, as well as it could very well be much more expensive to maintain a bike vs. a car. My concern is how do I convey that motorcycling, especially on the street, is a dangerous activity without making it sound like the apocalypse, and making him scared to death of the road? I used to keep in mind the thought that it's not if I had a bad accident, but rather when. I know that not everyone involved with motorcycling will have a bad crash, but it was the rule of thumb so to speak for years. I'm wondering if it might be better to say something like it carries a high risk, but low probability assuming you pay attention to what's going on around you? Oh and he has zero desire to ride dirt. So what do you tell newbies?
  3. Been seriously thinking about picking up a Rekluse for the bike, but I'm concerned about losing my ability to use engine braking. I crave the super technical riding, and often descend hills in first slow enough that the engine barely stays running (using a combo of engine braking and wheel brakes). Would going to a rekluse be as bad for me as it seems? Any other designs that won't disengage if there is torque coming from the wheel?
  4. UE ASC

    impressed! but mad...

    You can sand it out and make the gouges dissappear, but you'll never replicate the factory gloss without painting the panel. You can get pretty close with plastic polish tho.
  5. Been running some trails around Lake Pleasent the last couple of days, but not really sure where I'm going (and most importantly if I _should_ be there in the first place with the bike), not to mention it's just more fun with other people. I'd classify myself as a novice-intermediate rider (I still have trouble keeping the bike upright on those long, steep loose rock climbs). Looking for some other people to head out with, especially some more advanced riders that I could learn from. Would really like to do the Lake Pleasent to Crown King ride. My bike is a XR250L.
  6. UE ASC

    Owch .. HOT exhaust!

    well it sounds as if you've got it in your mind that it's too hot, regardless of what anyone here is telling you. In which case, why are you pushing it? You really want to cool down the exhaust? Quit iding it in place, and richen the hell out of the mixture. It'll run like crap, but the exhaust will be cool, and you can continue to ride in shorts without fear of burning yourself.
  7. UE ASC

    cheap chain

    If you're comparing that to a DID O-ring chain, then there will be no comparision. The DID is worlds better, no question. If you're looking for a cheap chain, I've been running RK standard chains for a while with decent results, and have had not so great results from the KMC chains. I just spent $25 on the RK, and my last KMC was $19, both purchased at local bike shops.
  8. UE ASC

    Owch .. HOT exhaust!

    In all seriousness, if one of your biggest concerns is falling and burning yourself on the exhaust, it's time to park the bike and find another hobby. I guarantee if you got pinned under your old bike without the proper gear, you'd get badly burned from that exhaust too. If you're really that paranoid about it, ride in a Nomex suit.
  9. UE ASC

    Kill Switch

    wire it in so it grounds the power lead.
  10. I noticed the last time I had the chain off my 93 XR250L (only a few days ago) that the countershaft sprocket wiggles around a bit, like it's on a floating mount. Doesn't seem to have rotational play, only back and forth play (similar to the top derailluer cog on a bicycle). Is is supposed to be like this?
  11. Camera:yep, took along my Nikon digital, which died on day one from the rain. Had it in my riding jacket pocket for easy access. After the downpour, I found it a bit damp. Wasn't at all soaked, but apparently still enough to damage it. At first it would only turn on, but not snap any photos or operate zoom. Now it won't even turn on at all (yep, I tried taking out the card and changing batteries).
  12. Because I had absolutely no clue just how miserable it would be....It's an XR250L, being the factory dual sport, so it's not like riding a true dirt bike across the country, but as I found out it's pretty damn close . I originally wanted a 650, but I got a ROCKING deal on the 250, so I took it. Really the biggest problem is that I didn't account for all the additional time it takes to stop for gas every 100 miles, stopping to eat, the problems that extreme wind and rain causes, etc... Really, an extreme lack of proper planning. I've learned a ton from this experience, and will be much more prepared for this when I do it again after buying a Gold Wing
  13. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=376757 long update on my current progress on the trip to Arizona on the XR250L...
  14. I left this past Wednesday morning around 10am, I'm currently in Amarillo, Texas. My initial plan of about 600-750 miles a day was HIGHLY optimistic...I'm only able to do about 300 miles a day The following is what was posted in my Livejournal yesterday : end of day 3 This entire trip has been a near disaster the entire way. I've been fighting weather all 3 days. First day, rain. Lots of rain. Second and third days, wind. Lots of wind. Pulling crazy lean angles just to keep going straight kind of wind. Today introduced four other problems as well. First, it started sprinkling this morning when I left the hotel. The hotel parking lot had a blacktop type lot, which of course becomes slick as ice when wet. Turned the corner, bike goes down, I get caught under it. Lost some skin off the left knee, and my leg is stiff and sore as hell now. First time I've dropped a bike in 10 years, and first time I dropped it when I wasn't goofing off in some way. Second, my contacts started irritating the hell out of me, and I found I forgot to grab my glasses out of the bags/boxes I shipped down. So I road nearly blind for quite a while. Luckily I found another contact for my left eye only in the case (coulda sworn I tossed all the old ones). Right eye is still bloodshot and burning, full of moisture. Picked up some Clear Eyes along the way that helped immensly. Then my chain decides it no longer wants the master link clip to stay on. Amazingly, the side plate never came off. I have no clue when it came off tho. Somewhere between Bloomington, Illinois, and Catoosa, Oklahoma where I found it missing. Thought the master link looked a little bit odd, and upon further inspection I noticed the clip missing. I attempted to fudge it with the hook end of a mini-bungee, to no avail. I limped it a couple miles back to the previous exit where I found an auto parts store, bought a baggy of E-clips, and snapped them on. Fifty miles later, I found the clips missing. Yet again, amazingly, the side plate did not fall off, even though I could very easily slip it off with my fingers. I can only surmise that the same thing grabbing the clips enough to pop them off also rubbed the side plate enough to keep it on. I compressed the clips down a little bit, tightened the chain up to just a bit on the tight side, and they seem to be holding at this point. Over 15 years of riding motorcycles, I've never once lost a master link clip, even on super wasted chains. A new chain, not a day old, not even 1000 miles on it yet, it loses the clip. Last, my tail light burns out, after dark. Luckily some trucker informed the toll booth lady of it, who told me. 4 different attendants, I pick the same one he did. Amazing. I stop at the next exit, pick up a new bulb, pop it in, and find that now I don't have a brake light or turn signals either. At this point, I give up, and stop at a hotel for the night. Once again, I pull a little over 300 miles, and I'm done for the night. I'm pissed. Despite my vision issue, I actually felt pretty good, and was planning on riding clear thru the night as long as I could. I feel like I could have easily made Amarillo. But I just lost the ambition. Of course, at this point, there's no shortage of people that tell me "see, should have flown!". Thanks Mom, I couldn't have figured that one out on own, bitch. Now, I'm sitting in my hotel room, in Stroud, Oklahoma watching some weird movie where people get intensly sexually around by gory car crashes. I've still got about 1,000 miles to cover, and at this rate I'll need 3 more days to do it. I've already blown my hotel budget, and by taking 3 more days I'll arrive in Phoenix damn near broke. I really don't see myself riding 1,000 miles in one day now either. I'll be lucky to do it in two. At this point, this trip has been totally ruined for me. Even if I somehow managed to make Phoenix tomorrow, I don't even feel like I'll be happy to arrive. I feel like I'm going to feel like shit for months. I now truly believe there is some curse or something against me, preventing me from ever feeling true happiness. I'm not happy taking the easy, safe path, yet damn near every risk I take horribly blows up in my face. it is now the end of day 4, and once again, only made it 300 miles. Once again hit major cross and head winds, and had a link go stiff on the chain. Really stiff..stiff enough to make the engine miss while cruising at 65mph. I'm amazed it didn't self destruct. Every truck stop and gas station for a good 250 miles _only_ sold WD-40 in the lube section. Finally found slide lube at a TA truck stop around the Texas state line that works amazingly well as a chain lube. Really sticky, doesn't seem to fling off much at all, but is super messy to apply (comes in an aerosol can, comes out very similar to white lithium grease). less than 25 miles later, no more stuck link. The e-clips on the master link seem to be working well for the time being tho. Crossing into Texas I felt a lot better today, at least as far as being depressed about the whole situation. I'm still kicking myself for taking a 250cc dual sport on this trip, lol. Hopefully I have no problems tomorrow, and can do more than 300 miles....
  15. UE ASC

    My first bad stuck

    that kind of mud is largely why I left Michigan. The only way to ride trails like that is with a 4x4 truck or ATV that you can mount a winch to.