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  1. Yeah thanks, but i need to know the hoses and calipers that will fit, so i can pick one up from wreakers
  2. Brakes To Fit '05 drz/klx 125L Hey all, i would like to know a list of brakes to fit the bike and if it needs a new disk for it to fit. I was hopeing to pick one up from the wreakers fair cheap, i would also buy one off any one buy i live in australia
  3. Hey all, it apered that my front brake has dust seal leaks or somthing and i'd rather just buy a hole set of new brakes as i have striped the to screw holes any way so would like to no a list of brakes to fit the bike and if it needs a new disk for it to fit. If you can understand this your very smart:applause:
  4. 3 pumps of air seems to work best but that is just riding at home, be a few weeks before I go to track. You just need to get a balence of too stiff and not stiff. Having It too stiff will make the front wheel wash out easilly. This is no bullshit these forks, search air forks on google and it will come up with exactly the same thing. The drill bit is 5mm.
  5. Yeah thanks, powers not an issue really. I live in australia. What I was reallt getting at was that whether to get a 250 enduro or mx, I race a little bit on a open mx track (flat)- heres the web address, in the downloads section theres a video of the
  6. Yeah thanks, powers not an issue really. I live in australia
  7. Yeah thanks, powers not an issue really. I live in australia
  8. Hey, here is a free mod for fully ajustable forks. What you need: STANLY KNIFE STANDERD CAR/ BIKE TUBE 6MM TAP AND DIE APPRORIET SIZZED DRILL BIT TOOLS TO TAKE OUT YOUR FORKS What to do: Firstly take out your forks, drain them, and take the fork caps off Secondly, get your tyre and stanly knife and where the valve is cut the valve out, then you must strip all of the rubber off it Then get your 6mm die and carefully put a thred on the valve Get your fork cap, mark dead center onto it with a center punch, then get a drill bit and drill a poilot hole in it, then get a 5mm (i think [cant remeber]) drill bit and drill. Then get your 6mm tap and thread it. THis took a while to cut the thred but yeah. Put your vlave into the fork cap(thread it), then putt it all together. TUNING IT: I just rode the bike, I put 4 pumps in but that was too stiff, but my neigbore just went out so i cant use his pump. I weigh 140 pounds or 60 odd kgs. My neighbore (47 now) had them on his first sl 100 and he reckons you can run them with or without the springs. You may have to go up in fork oil weight as there is more pressure on the oil pushing it back, but its all testing. Make sure you have good seals and dont put to much air in them other whise you may blow your seals GO TO for pics Good Luck RIding
  9. Hey Im not sure what bike to get wherther I get a 125 mx or a 250 mx or enduro. I have been riding for 7 months, I am 14, I have riddin a 250f (wr) and that wasnt much. I weigh 140 pounds and im 178cm tall. I just think that I would prefer the 250 over the 125. There is one thing im shure of, I DONT WANT A 4 STROKE!
  10. What every you do dont buy a 125l. They are no good! Mabey get a 230 but I say stick to the 250x
  11. I think youl find that your bike will win, as it has 575 more cc's than an 85 but I think youl find that an 85 will beat you on a sx track. See all of these bikes are made for different things and different people. I like the xr's in wide open trails, but in singel lane goat tracks I like my yz125, if I was looking for a weekend bike I would choose an xr for their reliability, but then they do have the big high revving hit that my yz has for mx I would choose that. In fact if I had what I wanted the world would be a mx, sx, road, dirt track, ect. With evrey ****ingn bike and car their. But the world is not like that lol.
  12. I think an 85 will beat your ****ing ttr. These ttr's and drz all are guttless and the people who spend 1000's on them are idiots. Infact your all idiots, two strokes are what seperate men from the boys. Any old **** can get on a four stroke and ride. See if any old **** can ride a ****ing cr500. Not likely mate. Hello fellow southen hemispherer. Mind you a cr 85 isnt that greate either
  13. I am wanting to know the diameter of a rm 80 forks out of an older modle rm that had a front disk but are convennal. Prefebley from the late 80's to the early 90's. I want to put them on my drz without changing the t clampts and do it cheaply. 2 strokes rock!
  14. maate a 250f isnt that quick and is not a tourque beast. Remember that quite a lot of the power is still in the top. Start off small and work your way up. Give it more gas on the upramp and keep a netural body position. Keep nice steady revs to (have it in a gear where youl be able to rev it harder if needed) and have a finger on the clutch in case you need to bring the power up.
  15. Woouldent you need to put your feet down turning, and why didnt you just buy a rm125 like im doing?