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  1. The 426's have the decompression system in place of the hole that is sealed up with rubber grommets on 03 and upwards. Yes I agree the rubber gromet is shite but I would check that your engine breather hose isn't blocked as this could cause an increase in pressure, causing the plug to exit
  2. What sponge guts said ......... Hi Greg I know of a couple of dodgy dealers in Sydney, I just wandered..
  3. Just as a matter of interest pckoff, what dealer did he buy his bike from??
  4. I've had mine for about 3 months now. Quite frankly I will not ever own a trail bike without one again. To me and all my riding buddies (who's bikes i set up) rave about it. I do think that when it's not setup properly and the owner hasn't had the patience to set it up and just gets the $hit$ with it, then they are really fighting a losing battle and are the type to just throw it in the 2 hard basket.
  5. I'd say go all the way soft...If harsh bottoming occurs wind clickers in until bottoming subsides. Start with rebound about half way though.
  6. Wind them compression clickers in........ If she still bottoms and you have no clicker positions left, then consider revalve.