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  1. buggz

    07 KX 450F question

    No problem We will be our test track in the High Desert on Tuesday. You Know which one Lets Video tape this session and show everybody how you rail
  2. buggz

    07 KX 450F question

    Your just not gettin it.READ HIS COMMENTS ABOUT THE 2007 KX450 KX316 asked about "DLC" forks, low-mid power and there riding ability. Awhile back someone asked about the changes to the 2007 kx450. His reply was "not too much.just little things" WRONG! Once everyone found out it was a 5speed He's been trying to lead everyone to belive the 5speed is not good for moto.WRONG! Now the "DLC" coated forks won't make any diffence.WRONG! Now he's claiming PRO status .WRONG! I am calling him on everything. And I'll do it to anyone! GOT it! xerces- I am not in a position to talk about all the changes of the new bike. I can say it is much improved. The 2006 kx450f is a good bike The 2007 kx450f is better. Good Luck in everyones program. Keep it safe! Keep it REAL! See ya at the race's
  3. buggz

    07 KX 450F question

    My point is he is giving you guys false info. Read all his post about the 2007 none of it is TRUE! including his riding ability. So I feel he is not helping any make anyone a good choice on a new bike. The 2007 kx450f is a much improved bike but since your so protective of him keep listening to him and good luck. Do get your diaper in a bunch I'm just callin a spade-a-spade.
  4. buggz

    07 KX 450F question

    Sure looks like the same bike that your claiming is yours in the pic/video thread on this fourm. Name the place and time and I"ll be there.
  5. buggz

    07 KX 450F question

    Yer a PRO? I saw you ride @ PERRIS on 7-29-06.You were #111 on the replica kawasaki 450f (nice bike!) . But if yer a PRO then I'm the G.O.A.T
  6. buggz

    Yo! Motomouth!

    Yea a lot of Factory Riders & Top Pro's hang out internet fourms
  7. buggz

    Semi Synthetic Oil, Running Real Hot

    Add two2cool to your oil as well
  8. buggz

    Pro Circuit Pipe

    Do you have any pic's of of the bike with the mega-bomb?
  9. buggz

    New Piston

    No thanks. Kinda tuff to beat the gig I currently have.
  10. buggz

    NEW White brothers

    No logic just FACTS!
  11. buggz

    NEW White brothers

    If it's too loud yer too old!
  12. buggz

    New Piston

    Yes they have a couple in cali too!
  13. buggz

    NEW White brothers

  14. buggz

    Two Smoke

  15. buggz

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    You can get anything on that bike you want,With the right contacts and money Your bike can be exactly like that.