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  1. ok ive got a 2008 yz250f fresh out of break in.moved out to phoenix az to attend mmi.well i went riding friday with a buddy at speedworld and ate it bad. the silencer is bent in some(im sure it can be moved back just bent the mount tap some that it could rub).subframe and everything else is straight. handles bars seem funny to both me and my buddy, and i think its one of two things.either the pro tapers that come stock on the yzs are bent slightly or the rubber mounts are bent at the post that attach it to the trees.so my question is what is a good way to check if the bars are perfectly straight.i know the bar mount will be obvious if it is bent but it may have knocked the bars funny too and i dont want to replace the obvious bent rubber mount if it is and then find out the bars are also bent and it isnt going to be completely obvious to tell?so i need a good way to check if the bars are slightly(and i mean slightly) so i can replace them or if possible keep them.the bike is so new its worth it to me to replace and not have even the slightest bend.measurments maybe? also i know after you read this you are going to automatically assume the bars have to be bent from the magnitude of the impact to cause what im about to tell you, but the steering stop on the left side of the triple tree smashed the aluminum block on the frame enough that it made about a 3/8" notch in it that the steering stop can become stuck in.im contemplating taking the front end apart(one it needs greased) and two to take an aluminum mig welder and fill in the notch carefully without over heating the metal and then grinding it into a block again to make sure i have even steering stop on both sides.i could just grind it out and hope i dont wreck again and break the aluminum block off the frame. the craziest thing about the wreck is it didnt hurt the radiators at all as well as the levers but it turned my throttle tube to a crunch bar, destroyed the brake line and made one hell of a hole in the front number plate.i just hate to have a bike that i just made the first payment on be out of wack after only 4 practices.i also dont want to but parts that i dont need to buy with a limited student income.thanks and sorry for the long post. kyle
  2. tallymx

    what do you think the verdict is?

    because if i had time and the money i would.and with repsonses like this i think i would rather justs top asking for advice.
  3. tallymx

    what do you think the verdict is?

    it broke loose.i think it cooled off and something let go.i was told buy a shop it very well have been something that is in the kickstarter? that goes between the basket and the kickstarter?im going to try to run some moly oil in it and then check it
  4. tallymx

    what do you think the verdict is?

    i definitely will and have one of the best around here doing it and i dont have to pay a shop to do it so its going to be done right and cheaper but im just curious to hear what you guys think has happened inside before i do an autopsy.
  5. ok buddy of mine did and oopsy.we completely redid the my 2003 yz 250f. and my buddy drained the oil.he hand tightend the drain plug and forgot.when we got the motor back in neither of us checked and i rode for 15 min on saturday and it seized .drain plug fell out. my question is from maybe past experiences from you or just knowledge about this is.what do you think the damage is.I have yet to pull the motor.doing that tomorrow.i can almost bet the head is detroyed to some extent but what about crank and piston?any input knowledgable is appreciated.
  6. tallymx

    motor or suspension??

    do suspension first.you can have all the horsepower in the world but if it doesnt get to the ground then it is irrelivant.if you have time and money afterwards then do the motor.
  7. tallymx

    front wheel help

    does anyone have the stock spacers or the measurements on the stock spacers?
  8. tallymx

    front wheel help

    no ideas?
  9. tallymx

    front wheel help

    ok just got back together after frame swap and the last thing to do im having a problems with.the front wheel is binding the suspension.it has excel wheels with z billit hubs and the spacers are the wrong ones i believe.should the stock wheel spacers work on these aftermarket hubs or did they come with new ones with the wheels?i dont know because i did not buy the wheels the previous owner did.and from what i know about him he lost alot of things when working on it and would put anything he could find to hold its place . so im thinking he either used the stock ones or ones he had lying around.what do u think i should do? basically the forks are \ U / in like that do to not a big enough spacer? which is binding the forks making them work improperly.any help is greatly appreciated. kyle
  10. tallymx

    need help zip ty fuel screw

    thanks alot i knew something was wrong.by the way im not the idiot the kid that had it before me is. i've spent $240 on bearings and nuts and bolts because he would losse bolts and find whatever to replace it $275 on a frame because of a huge dent i didnt see when we traded and cracks all over it $225 on getting the suspension rebuilt because he tried to do it himself and screwed it up i guess it just goes to show ya if u get a used bike look it over thoroughly.
  11. there is a zip-ty fuel screw on my carb that the previous owner put on.the problem i have is its so loose that i cant make any adjustments because when the engine is running it tightens all the way back in luckily because otherwise it would fall out.dont worry im not riding with it this way because of that and the bike is running way lean.any advice.is there supposed to be an o ring on it to keep it from moving?
  12. tallymx

    help with frame

    are u sure on this?any other input?
  13. tallymx

    help with frame

    is can i use an '01 frame for my '03? i know the oil dipstick is different and the ignition box is placed differently but othert han that will swing arm motors steering stem etc bolt right up.need to know asap.thanks. kyle
  14. tallymx

    How are the 2002 YZ250F's

    not hijacking thread but are 01's through 05s the same frame.im wanting to buy a new frame and i found an '01 frame and i have an '03 will this work and also skill is more important than the bike.
  15. tallymx

    i need a frame

    i need a frame for an '03 yz250f with no damage and a title so i can get my ohv sticker etc and insurance.my old frame is cracked and has a big dent the length of the waterpump guard that i dont like.let me know kyle