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  1. rebelryder

    Endurocross how long

    how long has endurocross been around anyway??
  2. rebelryder


    i would just wait until the new ones come out just to make sure.
  3. rebelryder

    What's that vid?

    that is one of the coolest videos ive ever seen!!!!
  4. rebelryder

    Need Upgrade Help

    ive got and 04 crf 250r and was wondering what would be the best performance upgrade for the money. i am not wanting to spend much more than 500 thanx
  5. rebelryder

    smoking 06

    you may have the choke on
  6. rebelryder

    Need Opinions

    this is the graphics kit i was thinking about ordering and i was just wondering if yall thought it looked cool http://motosport.com/product.jsp?path=-1|31989|41037|308932&id=334678 copy and paste the adress
  7. rebelryder

    echo in top end?

    it might just be the location your idleing at..are there like a lot of walls?
  8. rebelryder

    Graphics Installation

    for installing graphics i just use my own butt crust to stick it on
  9. rebelryder

    good price?

    shoot yeah i got the same bike for 3400 and thought i got a great deal on it...go for it
  10. rebelryder

    Shaving the seat?

    once you ride if for a while the shocks will tend to sink a little bit. I'm your height with the same bike but i bought it used (its an 04). it is shorter than a new one because the shocks are "broken in". just take it easy for a while till you get used to it and you should be all right.
  11. rebelryder

    Anyone have a photo of...