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  1. BrianKX

    Stewart does his best Reed impression!

    I was at the race in Vancouver on Saturday, trust me Stewart was hurting he didn't even go out for full practice, he handed Reed his ass and would have won if it wasn't for the lapper taking his line. The race where Preston ran him ove, Stewart finished that one on adrenaline only!
  2. BrianKX

    Download Service Manual for 06 KX 250F

    Lots of guys asking where to download the service manual it is on this thread.
  3. BrianKX

    Will not idle!!

    Thanks, took the carb out cleaned everything and it is running how a Kawi should.............PERFECT, something must have got plugged, we put the 42 back in and is all good. Thanks for the assistance!!! We even checked all the valves and everything is right in spec.
  4. BrianKX

    Will not idle!!

    I think I messed something up, beacuse now I took the 42 out and put the stock 40 jet back in and it still won't idle and is not starting great at all, any ideas on what I could have done wrong??
  5. BrianKX

    Will not idle!!

    Just replaced the pilot jet with a #42, put it back together, starts fine and runs with choke but then dies when I take the choke off, am out 2 turns on the fuel mixture screw, any ideas??? It's a 06 KX 250F if it makes a difference.
  6. BrianKX

    06 Kawi dead...

    I have checked the TT site for the YZ 250F's they are having more problems than the Kawi's, I have seen it at the track as well, not only are they slower but they are having just as many problems if not more than the Kawi's. Doesn't matter what colour your riding, none of them are without soeme sort of problems, trust me I now dozens of racers with the KX 250f's and the problems are very very rare, I see some of the racers on the 06 250F's that rag on there bikes and never had a problem!! I get sick and tired of the PUNKS that as soon as one bike out of thousands has a problem they start dissing Kawi's.............GROW UP!!!!!!!!
  7. BrianKX

    Tech Tip: Shimming valves

    Excellent, it's guys like NoFearOakley48 that make this site great, thanks for sharing your knowledge!!!!
  8. BrianKX

    Sadly need yaz advice....

    I guess we have the best of both worlds.... an 06 KX250F that is very fast and can corner and that has been an awesome bike, no problems what so ever, has NEVER been iin the shop!!! GO GREEN OR GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. BrianKX

    look at these bikes

    Relax he was just posting some pic's, check his Garage the dude rides an 06 KX250F, he wasn't trashing Kawi's!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. BrianKX

    forks came apart

    I heard that the 06's are pretty much sold out!!!!
  11. Just in case anybody else is interested, you can download the entire service manual for the 06 KX 250F at, http://www.nbsupercycle.com/servicemanuals/04servicemanuals.htm
  12. BrianKX

    Anyone Have A Service Manual???

    You can download the entire service manual for the 06 250F at http://www.nbsupercycle.com/servicemanuals/04servicemanuals.htm
  13. BrianKX

    Hot Starts

    No we are still running stock jetting, sounds like that may be the problem. Otherwise the bike is running awesome, just the odd time where it has not stsrted great when hot. I have a Boysen Quickshot coming next week, do you think that will help with starting?
  14. BrianKX

    Hot Starts

    Any good tips on startring the bike when hot......other than pulling in the Hot Start, you guys giving it any throttle? Doing a couple slow kicks first to get TDC?? Any little hints would help, my son was in 2nd in a race the other day, washed out in the last corner and lost 5 positions because he couldn't get it started. I just ordered a Boysen Quickshot, will this help with starting at all? Its an 06 kx250f if that makes a difference.
  15. BrianKX

    First Problem

    Here are the part numbers.............The '05 cam chain guide part number is 13271-0169, plus you'll need the ignition cover gasket for the 2006 is 11061-0032. If a shop is doing your repairs, make sure they replace that cam chain guide with an 05 part.