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  1. slowbike

    cleaning air filter with simple green

    My suggestion is to take that K&N filter and throw it in the garbage. I once took one out of the package at Wal-Mart and held it up to the light. I could see holes in the filter media.
  2. slowbike

    Tail lights - what's out there...

    I received the DRC tail light. The light itself is nice, but the housing has no o-ring / gasket around the lens, and the wire entry hole on the back of the light isn't sealed. Those two items are "in-attention to detail" on this tail light. I'm also not impressed with the 1980s vintage LEDs on the circuit board. 12 O'Clock labs needs to get with the program and use surface mount chip style LEDs, not the old skool stuff from the 1980s
  3. I'm wearing the gear, not packing it on the bike. If I need to shed a layer, then usually it's just pulling the sleeves off my jacket and stuffing them in my back pack.
  4. slowbike

    DOT Tires: ever been checked?

    In Washington, I've never been checked. I've never heard of anyone else here in WA being checked. Me and the majority of my riding buddies are running DOT approved, simply because the D606 and MT21 are really decent tires for the riding we do.
  5. slowbike

    Dual sport tires

    For many years (1994-2006 or 07) I swore by the MT21s front and rear. Somewhere in 1999-2001 I tried a Dunlop K139, which was awesome in the dirt. I wore that tire out and then it was discontinued. I went back to MT21 on the front. I went through two DR-350SEs running those tires. In 2006 I upgraded to a DR-Z400S, which came with MT21s on it from the previous owner. Prior to that, I'd been riding for a few years with people who had been running D606 front and rear. The D606 front was skittish in the gravel according to a few friends. I noticed that the rear D606 seemed to have longer wear (tire life) than the MT21 rear. After I wore out the rear MT21 on my DRZ, I switched to a D606 rear. I'm still running a D606 rear and MT21 front. I used to ride so much that I'd burn through a rear tire every season and a front would last 2 seasons. Everyone I ride with who also ride DRZs run MT21 front and rear or D606 rear, MT21 front. I've never liked the rounded off look of the tread pattern on the D606 Front, and after seeing a friend eat it and smash a finger when he crashed 200' in to the dirt road after leaving the pavement, I decided I'd never try a D606 front. That was about 2001 or 2002 I think. That's the ONLY time in 20 years of riding with that friend that I've ever seen him crash. He ditched the front D606 after that ride, and it was a brand new tire prior to that ride. The MT21 or D606 seem to do really well in the dirt, but a lot of pavement riding will kill them. I don't know what I'd recommend as a slightly more street oriented tire for a dual sport bike since I primarily ride dirt. I can't say I've ever "heard" a tire while riding on the road. Whatever (if any) noise the tire makes is overpowered by engine and wind noise
  6. slowbike

    Subframe reinforcement

    Too many hard trail miles packing a Stihl MS250 chainsaw is what killed my subframe.
  7. slowbike

    Tail lights - what's out there...

    This is what I have been running for 10 years: https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/taillight-bd-led-dropdown.asp THe original tail light lasted up through 2011 I think. Some wires broke off at the back of the light because they got hung up in the rear tire after someone else did some maintenance on my bike and didn't properly secure the wires. I replaced the light, then the replaced start having LEDs fail. I got a warranty replacement on that light, which is still on the shelf in my garage. The reason I'm ditching this system is because the fender extension/license plate mount is somewhat generic in nature and has FUBARED my rear subframe from 11,000+ miles of vibrating and dirt grinding between the plastic and metal.
  8. That salesman must be a sales guy that deals with UTVs, and what not, a lot of which DO have a service reminder on the electronic display. My Polaris Ranger has one. I have no idea if it can be reset by me. I don't read manuals, until i need to. I've never taken my 14 year old DRZ to a dealer for service. I've had it for 10 years. The only time someone else worked on it was when the cam chain went kaput. A friend who used to run a shop fixed it for me.
  9. slowbike


    Yep on the awareness of the rear fender requiring modding.
  10. slowbike


    The ebay seller said they will have more white in stock after the first of the year. I'm in no rush to get the kit, since riding season is still 4 months away. I'm not opposed to the UFO kit, but the price is more attractive on the R-tec kit. I'd prefer a nice fitting kit, not something that doesn't fit well. Frustrating that Acerbis no longer makes much for the DRZ. I bought their white side panels in 2006 and they fit like OEM.
  11. slowbike


    That's the same seller though. Maybe I will contact them and ask about white. Price is much better than the UFO Kit at Wheeling Cycle.
  12. slowbike


    The only R-Tec kit I can find is black, from a seller in Oregon. What's the ebay item number for the white kit? I've searched multiple text phrases for DRZ white plastics kits and the only thing that ever comes up is the black one.
  13. slowbike


    What brand is the body kit (side panels, rear fender, rad shrouds) ? Anyone have suggestions on where to buy a white body kit? I've spent the last hour googling and keep striking out.
  14. That looks like a dent caused by the piece on the back side of the side-stand.
  15. slowbike

    Tail lights - what's out there...

    4 months and I still haven't ordered a light. I'm getting it ordered this weekend