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  1. adamco2

    Swing arm pivot bolt removal

    Thanks guys. I've got a buddy bringing over his air chisel/hammer. Good to know about the preventative maintenance. I can honestly say that removing and lubing my swing arm pivot bolt has not been on the list until now.
  2. adamco2

    Swing arm pivot bolt removal

    How do you keep it from happening again once you get the thing out?
  3. adamco2

    Swing arm pivot bolt removal

    That's why I love this place. Didn't think of going at it with a impact gun. Thanks guys. 6fidy- yep 2000 650R
  4. So I have pulled the nut off the left side of the swingarm pivot bolt and coated the whole thing with Aerokroil for three days. I beat on it with a small hammer, a big hammer and hand small hand sledge. I am about to give up trying to get the bolt out. Can I put a torch to it without damaging anything else? Are there any other tricks out there to get the thing out?
  5. adamco2

    USD fork conversion question

    Thanks XRandWRrider, Hopefully I'll get this put together soon so I can start my test runs and see where I stand. I like your advice of changing one thing at a time. I never seem to get that right. Adam
  6. adamco2

    USD fork conversion question

    Hey MasterA, can I just lower the new forks in the triples instead of lowering them internally? I know it's not the best way but it sure is cheaper.
  7. adamco2

    USD fork conversion question

    Thanks guys. For the feedback. It looks like replacing the wheel is the way to go. I've got quite a few spare parts that I can sell to help recoup the costs. Notorious- I'll ask around in my area and see if I can find someone to build some bearings. I'm skeptical that they will be as cost effective as buying a new wheel though. Snoman- I'm not concerned about the speedometer. If I get a wheel that accepts the stock speedo, I will go that way. If not, there are plenty of quality aftermarket speedos out there that will do the job. Ktm racer- thanks, I am all in so the convincing isn't any longer necessary. (Could have used it a month ago though). I purchased a complete front end from a 2005 CRF250R from eBay. I sent GPR my V1 (above the bar) stab and tower and they rebuilt it and sent it back connected to some beautiful triples custom made to fit the XR to CRF conversion. If anybody out there is looking to do it, Randy at GPR is the man. Sounds like another option to the Emig stuff.
  8. I have searched through the USD write-ups here and have not been able to find my answer so please forgive me if this has been addressed before. I am in the process of converting my 2000 650R to a 2005 CRF250R front end. What have people done about the front wheel bearings? I thought I could just buy CRF wheel bearings and put them into my XR hubs but the CRF bearings are too big to fit. My best measurements show the OD of the XR bearings to be 35mm and the OD of the CRF bearings to be 37mm. I would like to use the CRF axle with the forks because it will be a much better fit. I have thought about machining some bushings to go into the forks to accept the the XR axle but the way it tapers on the end wont fit very well. My next option is to buy a cheap CRF wheel on ebay and go all CRF. Thanks for reading. I hope my question makes sense. Adam