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    Watch out for ProFlo!

    El Marco, I am a vintage motocross rider with a passion for carbs. For the past 4-5 years I have been working on carbs, mainly mikuni VM carbs. But aside from overhauling my friends carbs I am also importing and rebuilding Harley carbs. The needles and jets I needed are for the Mikuni VM 32-38 mm. Contact me off list if you have a tempting offer! Chris
  2. mikuniman

    Watch out for ProFlo!

    I've done some surfing on the net:crazy: ... I found this on SE Vintage forum: http://sevintagemx.com/Forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=318&highlight=brett Interesting... you begin to see the proportions of this guy's shady business:thumbsdn: Chris
  3. mikuniman

    Watch out for ProFlo!

    El Marco, After 20-30 overseas calls (listening to the same answering machine... no matter at what time!) I am inclined to Since I was obviously too patient:ride: the time limit of 120 days had passed and the credit card company couldn't help! What carb parts I need? Well the parts I ordered from Pro-Flo were around 40 needles (6DH2, 6DH3, 6DH4, 6FJ6 and a few others at $4.95 ea) and a bunch (54) of mains and pilots (at $2.95 ea). Can't you see what you have in your pockets, El Marco? BTW Do you live close to Pro-Flo? Perhaps you can talk to the boss for me?... There's a reward! Cheers, Chris
  4. Anyone out there in dirt land who has been dealing with a company called Pro-Flo (www.pro-flo.com) Columbia, TN? I thought this was a serious company..? I ordered some carb parts from them in August 2006 (and payed $389.50! by VISA). In the beginning they said they had to backorder some items so I decided to wait. October 19 was the last time they answered my e-mails saying that the were about to ship. Since then I am still waiting for the parts to show up! I have been writing letters, faxed and trying to call them on the phone... but without success! Please tell me of your experience with this company! Are they still in business? Cheers, Chris from Sweden