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  1. www.rockymountainatvmc.com has lots of stuff for the kiddos-jammies, rompers, bibs etc. The little ones are so CUTE in the pjs!!!! Congratulations!!!!
  2. desertluv

    Priorities Changing

    Got that right!! I learned not just too long ago that all that 'stuff' can wait-and WILL wait... life is too short !! CARPE DIEM!!!!!!!
  3. desertluv

    Took a vacation day yesterday....

    WOW ! great shot!! Almost looks like a motorcycle ad!! Isn't life on two wheels grand!!
  4. desertluv

    What Kind of Sports Bra?

    AGREE!! I have been wearing the second one listed here and I am 36-38D/DD and I can run in this bra and those puppies don't move! Best sports bra ever !! Check out the Champion website as well, sometimes they are on sale.
  5. desertluv

    TT Motorcycle Progress up Date Baja 500

    Thanks so much for the live Weatherman link!! I was up all night (morning) listening until the end!! Wasn't able to go to the 500, but plan to see the 1000!!! Thanks again and congrats to all riders!!
  6. ...and this is a bad thing?????? read about some guys that would LOVE their lady to be blazing a trail ... even if it is ahead of them!!!!!
  7. desertluv

    Women's boots

    There have been a few previous threads on chest protectors with quite a bit of info. Also, maybe check the TT classifieds(?) lots of gear in there!!!
  8. desertluv

    Off to Baja w/low rider CRF250X

    Baja 500 !!! Let us know everything!!!! Good Luck!!
  9. desertluv

    Props for you girls!

    is that YOU ghoti?? ... just as I imagined... oh yeah, minus the dorsal fin...
  10. desertluv

    Had to share

    EXCELLENT!!!!! Your heart and lungs will be forever grateful!!! Keep it up!!
  11. desertluv

    My first race on the new bike..

    AWESOME!! nice pic too!!!!
  12. desertluv

    Wounded Shoulder or wounded pride!

    hope you're feeling better soon- I too have done that- 'one last time around'- came up over a hill too fast and surprise! no where to go but down, I received a nice big bloody dirt filled 'scrape' on my elbow and arm (back in the day sans elbow guards ) A nice scar on the back of my arm reminds me to keep my gear on even for those last 10 minute rides!! oh ! and glad the bike is okay-that is after all, most important
  13. desertluv


    those are the most beautiful words ever!!! and true...
  14. desertluv

    BBQ Season

    someone has been spying on my household...
  15. desertluv

    Okanagan Dirtbike Galz

    sorry to hear about your knee-sounds like an ACL problem (?) I tore mine riding, but by what you describe it sounds pretty much the same.Let us hear from you!