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  1. Hi Guys Anyone out there who can help with a vent pipe problem? I have a FCR carb on a single cylinder Suzuki DR which has twin vent outlets and i think water is finding it's way back up the vent pipes and into the carb. In the past i have competed in Enduro's on a KTM 450EXC where it's been like riding through a lake and never had a problem. Vent pipes were routed down and in front of rear shock. My racing now is based on a beach and again the conditions are very wet (i'm in England after all!) Any idea's would be appreciated as i'm racing again Sunday (UK)
  2. Nick Gaunt

    LT230 head on a DR200?

    Hi PC If the valve sizes are the same, and it will lower the compression it's a non-starter. My DR (SX200) is used for racing so after more power. Was running it standard last season and no surprise it was at best mid-field. This year after a fair bit of innovation and work it's up in the top three or four in each race; but i still need a few more HP to put me on level terms. Any idea's would be gratefully received.
  3. Nick Gaunt

    LT230 head on a DR200?

    Hi Has anyone tried fitting the head from an LT230/S to a DR200? If so did it fit without any modifications? What size are the inlet and exhaust valves on the LT? Regards
  4. Nick Gaunt

    Now i've done it!!

    Hi Head bolts are: 8mm = 21-25Nm / 2.1-2.5kgm / 15-18 lbft 6mm = 7-11Nm / 0.7-1.1 kgm / 5.0-8.0 lbft Valve cover bolts are: 9-11Nm / 0.9-1.1kgm / 6.5-8.0 lbft Two of the longer bolts must have new gaskets fitted to stop oil seeping out, or water getting in. First bolt is the one which goes in next to the decomp arm. The second one is to the immediate right of the head-steady when looking from front to back. Good luck
  5. Nick Gaunt

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Hi This started out as a non-runner SX200 imported into the UK Model is from 1991 and a lot lighter than standard with over 30kg (66lbs) shaved off! Not so standard any longer with gas flowed head, big carb and straight through titanium pipe. Sounds great? You can see it in action if you search YouTube with: Mablethorpe Sand Racing and look for the latest uploads
  6. Nick Gaunt

    Starting problems...

    JMG Check out my link re your problem it may help http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=819499&highlight= Good luck
  7. Nick Gaunt

    Any idea's - XR250L

    **** STOP PRESS! **** Just when you are running out of hope and are convinced there are NO GODS in the Universe a miracle happens As i type, the demon bike from Hell is sat outside ticking over like a good 'un, and has been for the last 10 minutes. Eureka! Firstly, thanks to those of you who bothered to offer your help and advice, and let's hope this thread may dig someone else of of the sh&t! I checked the original coil and plenty of spark as before. In for a penny, so i managed to find another coil and tested that. The spark was just the same. Fitted it anyway and removed the silver nipple from the end of the spark plug. Fuel on, and went to make a cup of tea (i'm English after all). With tea down the hatch time for business. Full choke on, NO throttle, tick-over screw turned until just touching the throttle cam - then two full turns further in. Air screw set at two full turns out from seated position. Four big kicks and it started, ran for 30 seconds then the choke mech (black part where cable attaches) appeared to snap back to fully open even though the cable was still fully pulled out at the handlebars, and the engine died. Stayed at the side of the bike muttering like a madman and thinking about the damage that was going to follow with the angle grinder. "One last chance you soab". Ok. So choke to half, no throttle, nothing. Climb aboard and kicked it like you would Bin Laden if you found him. Nothing. Arrgghh! Second kick and it fired up, revving like a banshee (or do they scream? In which case...). Quickly turned the t/over down a tad (English for little) and left the choke at half. Back in the kitchen for tea with an ear cocked for the sound that would prompt the grinder solution, but it never came. Back out and put the choke off - still running. Getting a bit brave i turned the revs right down and tried the throttle - still running but sounding a bit hesitant. Air screw in half a turn, let it settle and try throttle - still running and sounding ok. T/over down to a normal level and repeated throttle opening allowing the revs to settle each time. Left running and drank more tea. Seems like a winner. Thanks again for the help.
  8. Nick Gaunt

    Any idea's - XR250L

    Yes, using same fuel line and same tank between the two bikes. One thing i have just noticed is that the decompressor (no cable attached) shaft that passes into the rocker box has a weld on the outside where a nut must have once sat. Down by the kickstart 'knuckle' is the corresponding arm so i assume this works as an auto-decompressor when the two are connected together? On the top end it does appear that it is in the closed position as would be the norm. No wonder i'm getting so knack'd kicking it over!
  9. Nick Gaunt

    Any idea's - XR250L

    I have checked all three carbs that i have on my v.old XL250S, and they work fine (the XL is left out year round under a tarp and starts 3rd kick every time with no choke - bliss). Plus i have used the XLR tank on the XL so i know the fuel is ok. Have tried other spark plugs and they make no difference, which is why i am thinking that the inlet valves may be sticking and only on occasion opening to let some fuel through. Could a spring/s be broken? Does not have a battery on this model but still produces a good enough spark. Perhaps i can rig the XL250S coil onto it a give it a go. Off to try the coil and then it's time to flip the lid off and see what is going off inside.
  10. Nick Gaunt

    Any idea's - XR250L

    Good fuel flow, no blockages. Can kick it for ever and sometimes it will fire but very hit and miss. When i take the spark out it's dry and only on one occasion has it been wet, so seems like no fuel is going into the engine.
  11. Nick Gaunt

    Any idea's - XR250L

    Hi Bought this bike as a non-runner and thought i had a carb problem as it would only start and run for a minute or two. Until the float bowl is empty? I have tried the carb on my XL250 and it works fine on that one. Tried the XL carb on the XLR and the XLR shows no improvement. Have a good, strong spark which must be working in the head as it does start when it gets fuel. No decompressor cable fitted but appears to be in 'valve closed' position. The bike had been stood for a while, so could it be a case of a sticking inlet valve(s), or a broken valve?
  12. Nick Gaunt

    XR250 just wont start - checked threads!

    Hi Sorry but i think i may have misled you by my description. It is a single carb model but i have tried two different carbs on it
  13. The only bike EVER, that i not been able to get working. Just wont start and keep running. INFO: Have set valves, cleaned both carbs used, in-line fuel filter, clean air filter, good spark, big pair of MX boots. Does not have a de-compressor cable attached (assuming this is ok as valve will remain closed?) and only has the lower of the two throttle cables attached (will it run this way?). HAVE TRIED: Procedure(s) mentioned in threads. Cleaned both carbs out more than once. WHAT HAPPENS: With carb primed and choke on full, and tickover turned up it gets a mighty kick, several actually, and then it might start. When it does start it revs pretty high at which point i slightly reduce the choke and let it run. After 30/40 seconds i reduce the choke some more and it will take a blip on the throttle without dying. Leave another minute and reduce the choke to close to shut and the throttle can be used slightly. All good at this point. Run for another minute and slowly reduce the tickover, not much, just a little. Just when it all seems to be running it dies and does not want to start again! To get it running after this i have to turn off the fuel, remove the spark plug, open the throttle and kick any fuel out. Then i can attempt to start again. NOTICED: After it stopped i opened up the valve inspection caps and noticed oil was up to the lip of the opening on the left hand (as sat on bike) exhaust. Is this normal? I hope someone can shed some light of the problem for me. Regards
  14. Nick Gaunt

    DR 200 parts swap

    Hi I'm in the UK and working on a race special. Spec is: Weight reduced by nearly 35kg! This won't be seeing tarmac again. Gas flowed head with standard valves (single springs) Straight through titanium pipe Carb = FCR 35mm jetted to suit Wiseco piston No air box but K&N filter Cam - none standard Very chopped, very loud, soon to be much quicker than last season
  15. Nick Gaunt

    DR200 performance filters - are there any?

    Hi Does anyone know of a K&N type filter for the DR200? Nearest i have found is for a DR250/350 but not sure if it will fit. Any idea's? Going to be racing on the beach on a regular basis so needs to be better than the standard filter.