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  1. Question, what size is your rear rim? I have an 05 drz400S where the rim size is 2.15X18. I'm perplexing as to which size Kenda Trackmaster 2 to order as I am unclear as to what will fit that rim. Kenda's x-reference chart for tire and rim sizes does not have an entry for this particular matchup. Planning on going on an advendure ride to Colorado and Utah this summer and would like to have the Kenda on the rear if possible. Any info. in what Kenda tire size I can use would be greatly appreciated.
  2. dave-v

    Maximum rear rim/tyre width?

    Does anyone know if the Kenda 760 TrackMaster II will work on a stock 2005 DRZ400s rim (rear). The rim size is 2.15 X 18. Kenda's website does not list this particular rim size in their reference chart for the tire. The closest tire size listed is the 110/100X18 which by the chart will work with 2.50 X 18. I am getting ready to take an adventure ride with some friends through Colorado and Utah this summer for a couple weeks. Would really like to use the Kenda TrackMaster II on the rear if I can. Otherwise, I will leave my Dunlap 606 on instead.