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  1. First off I absolutly LOVE my FMF SST pipe and FMF SST Shorty Silencer. They made the bike alot more ridable in the woods. Gave it more torque and more rev. Secondly you guys are making it sound like every single 4 stroke pipe is $1000. The only pipes that I have seen over 1000 are the twin pipers for the 06 Crf 250. The White Bros Carbon Pro 2 full system for a 2005 RMZ 450 is $851.99. Yes that is still quite a bit of money but for a top of the line full out race system I think that it is worth it. Especially if your really into it. I would love to see some one (thats not in a stock class) win there class at Loretta's with a stock pipe. And now with alot of the engine mods now days your need a pipe. At least thats what Rick Peterson of Max Power Engines told me. Just my 2 cents.
  2. woodsracer131


    the only down fall that I see with KTM is the linkless suspension. but then again i dont ride one on a daily basis so i could probably get used to it.
  3. woodsracer131

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    no problem. just helpin out a fellow rider. always willing to do that
  4. woodsracer131

    what pipe to get?

    FMF SST with Powercore silencer. by far the best!
  5. woodsracer131

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    exactly what I do. every 15-20 hours I replace the rings. as for jackdrinker48015 My kit is a 151 not a 144. And I dont "ride" in the woods i Race. Even when I'm not competing I still go Race pace. And if your friend isn't replacing his rings every 20 hours or so as enduro4231 said, he pretty much wasted his money because he's gonna wreck the 144 and have to pay more money to bore it again. just my 2 cents
  6. woodsracer131

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    You can go to the Max Power website and order one. Www.MaxPower-Engines.com Or here is the direct link to the kit: http://www.maxpower-engines.com/big-bore-kits/rm151.htm trust me its worth the money!
  7. woodsracer131

    RM125 as a trail bike

    I have an 02 RM 125 that i race Enduro and Harescrambles with and I LOVE IT! The main mod that I would recommend is an FMF SST pipe and a FMF Turbinecore 2 Spark Arrestor for the trails. But if you dont need a S/A get the Powercore 2 shorty. I own both silencers. I switch mine out for HS and Enduro. Only because I need a SA for Enduro. Other mods that I have done to increase my power delivery and overall power are: Max Power's 151 kit (best 1930 Dollars I have ever spent), FMF Pipe and Silencers, Full Hinson Clutch, iCAT, V-Force3 Reed valve and reeds, Twin Air Filter, and I have a flywheel weight but I rarly use it because I personally think it makes me lazy when riding in the woods. I also would recommend a Hydro Clutch! very smooth pull. If you want a full list of the parts I put into my bike to make it a woods bike E-mail me at sledneck27_188@hotmail.com. Luke -------- My Race Bike: 2002 RM151 (125 Bored) w/ 4k in mods. I'll Whip Ya Head Boy!
  8. woodsracer131

    Mods to make an RM125 FASTER!!

    FMF SST!! and a FMF shorty silencer. have them both on my rm 125. I ride harescrambles and I have plenty of bottom end. and i didnt sacrifice any thing. but then again I do have Max Powers 151 kit in it. that was the best mod i bought
  9. woodsracer131

    125 or 250 smoker?

    125 all the way! you get way faster on a 125 when your first starting than a 250. Mainly because of the shape of the powerband. The 125 is more high strung and requires you to ride in the higher RPM's. As for the 250 it has a much more broad powerband. Therefore you can let the RPM's get lower and "chug" through corners and let the power carry you barely working. And when your going into the corner on a 125 it requires you to work more to keep the RPM's up. And they are Funner to ride! NO OFFENSE TO THE GUYS THAT RIDE 250'S. THIS IS GEARED TOWARDS A NEWER RIDER
  10. woodsracer131

    LONGEST jump

    103 feet. at KC race promotions in Brainerd, MN. Single to table. the jump its self is about 80ft. over jumped 20 ft into the middle of the corner and went over the berm. hit the retaining wall. no riding for 6-8 weeks cuz of broken ankle.
  11. woodsracer131


    I am going to be in ohio May 14-24. I will be racing in the GNCC in Millfield. Then I will be going down there again on October 1-10 to race the St. Clairsville GNCC. They have amature classes there also. These are just a few that there are in Ohio. Luke Johnson 2004 RM 125 w/4k invested