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  1. A TC610 4-speed with a flat-slide carb? Holy monkey, how will I keep the front wheel down!? I had flat-slides on my 900ss and they were INSANE. I bought it as an ex-racer with supermotard wheels and planning a few track days myself. I'm also eyeballing ebay for dirt wheels and brake set up so I can swap back and forth to do some dirt and trail out here in TX.
  2. Thanks Tator! Yep, I think I am about 85% of the way to getting the beast started. I couldn't even get it to start so I need to double check for spark first but either way, the carb needs to be cleaned/rebuilt. I fully expected to see a decomp lever on the clutch perch when I picked it up it but there is not one. I'll take a look for that "black arm" above the headers but it doesn't ring bell. As for the choke, there is a black thumb screw which on the LH side which could be the choke but I wasn't sure so I refrained from yanking on and twisting it. Looks like I will take my first dive into a carburetor to look at and clean the float and bowl. I bagged it after taking it off (kinda like you did all your parts) when it came off the bike so it has been sitting for 2 years. I did use fresh gas but its probably got a lot of varnish in it. Also, I have a flywheel puller which i believe is a 28x1.5 if needed. I'll take a few photos as well and see and post them when I have some daylight to work with.
  3. I am new to TT and have been reading your posts. I am looking forward to pics of you getting the bike together. I have had a few Husky's with my last a 2000 SM610R. I am a novice mechanic and I am learning as I go, listening and reading. I have a '99 TC610 that I recently had the motor rebuilt because the main bearing was toasted. I sent it to GP Motorcycles in San Diego (I used to work in parts there.) The bike is in fantastic condition overall but blew the bottom end as it was set up for supermotard. The 4-speed tranny couldn't take it I guess. This weekend, I got the motor back in the chassis and everything ready to go but couldn't quite get it firing. I'll double check for spark again but I think its a carb issue. I hear suction like some kind of fuel/air leak and there is some fuel leakage. I ran out of daylight so I'll have to try again this weekend. -Notes from reading the thread 1) I don't see any form of decompression release on my bike. Am I just blind? 2) I have the Ducati magneto setup 3) God help me if its the carburetor I am looking forward to seeing how you get yours bike all back together! Thanks for posting! -Jason
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    TC610 no spark

    Gents, I have a 1999 TC610 with a toated crank. (Yum!) I ripped the motor out over the weekend and I am tearing it next weekend. Any one find a flywheel puller in the USA yet? I need to get/make one myself. Not sure what Husky USA is charging for one though. Anyone know? For you Aussie guys that made your own, I have access to a ton of machine shops so I can get one made if get the spec's on it. You Aussie boys willing to share the love? I'll make a few if you guys could provide the specs on it. Cheers,