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  1. 90 dr650 5182

    DR 650 sprockets (cs and rear)

    Thanks for the tips. It sounds like I need to just experiment a little until I get a set up that I really like.
  2. 90 dr650 5182

    DR 650 sprockets (cs and rear)

    I have read alot about the counter sprocket in these forums, but not much about changing the rear sprocket. I just bought a 90 DR650S with a 16/42 setup. The previous owner also gave me a 46 and a 50 rear sprocket. I want the bike setup for slower in town cruising and off road trails. What would be the best setup for me? Should I go to a 14t cs, or just change the rear sprocket?
  3. 90 dr650 5182

    Where can I get parts for 90 dr650?

    I am ready to change my cs from a 16 to a 14 tooth. Where can I purchase a 14 toth sprocket for my 90 dr650s, I am having troubles findingone on-line.
  4. 90 dr650 5182

    How to change your counter sprocket ( CS )

    Where can I order a 14 tooth cs for my 90 dr650?
  5. 90 dr650 5182

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    Thanks for the help, that does sound like the problem and I will get it taken care of. My manual is still on the way, what kind of oil do I use? I want to get it fixed soon.
  6. 90 dr650 5182

    Who else has a '90-'95 DR650?

    Just got a dr650 last week and I am still getting the starting procedure down, it is getting easier. I need a little help with a couple of questions until I get a manual. 1) On the fuel petcock do you use the PRIME in the starting procedure? 2) It has a loud rattle on the inside of the motor (left side), sounds like a chain.