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  1. Danniel1332

    Las Cruces Riding?

    well from what i understand the track in fabens is located at the west texas sand drags. The website url is as follows: http://www.elpasosanddrags.com/points.html um you may want to contact them, i can get you more info but i need to ask some of the people who i know for times, location, ect cause i never have ridden the track myself.
  2. Danniel1332

    Riding Areas in El Paso, TX

    well i know on the west side of the city thier is the west side trail, although i personaly have never been, and also on the west side near santa teresa thier is the wall to ride. I personally ride trails around red sands, if you ever see a ktm 125 two stroke and a yamaha yzf250 then that is me and my brother.
  3. Danniel1332

    Anyone riding DESERT!!!!

    i wouldn't consider myself a man unless i rode in 100 + degree weather. JK, i just get up early to start riding, but by like 1 or 2 its already hot, brain frying hot, i live in the southwest so i know exactly what your talkin about.
  4. Danniel1332

    Las Cruces Riding?

    I live in el paso, there is a new track in fabens texas, (about 30-45 mins outside of el paso), also their is a track in talarosa new mexico. The tracks are not to tech. That is proably about 2 hours from las cruces. Motocross, not much in the southwest, a few tracks in alberq. Like g-off said,desert riding what it's about in the southwest, lets just say by the time you move you will have master woops and sand.
  5. Danniel1332

    Southern NM, West Texas

    Im from the EP. Just ride alot of trails around red sands, they get pretty narly, miles and miles of woops.
  6. Danniel1332

    New Mx Track Close to Border.

    hie i live in el paso and was curious how far and where this place is at because i couldn't easliy find this information on your website
  7. Danniel1332

    West Texas MX Track and FMX Park

    That sounds like a great idea, i know alot of people who would love to drive to fabens instead of talarosa for the closest track. Just make sure its not a joke like fort hancock. And that fmx park sounds like the shit, i know a guy from calorado whos been waiting for you to build a park like that.
  8. Danniel1332

    SX 125 CDI Problems

    thanks guys, i was hopping it wasn't some problem that i would have to worry about:applause:
  9. Hello , just curius where everyone rides in the EP area. My and my buds ride at the fitness trail (tommy's trail), and sometimes at red sands, im curious where everyone else rides because i know their is more riders around here then that.
  10. Danniel1332

    SX 125 CDI Problems

    Hello all you ktm guys, i recently bought an sx 125 (2004). It kicks my old hondas ass in the power department. But i was curious if ktms have problems with their cdi boxes because mine craped out. My uncle had a SX250 and his cdi box crapped out to. Any info on ktm electrical problems?
  11. Danniel1332

    Help...Engine problems

    thanks guys, good advice, yeah my younger brothers bike just seized up, we were riding at the sand dunes and suddenly the bike started sputtering and when he turned it on it seized. As far as i know the crank messed up and the top end, im not to sure about the cams though.
  12. Danniel1332

    Help...Engine problems

    Hello everyone out their. Im in need of some suggestions. My brothers ttr 125 seized up and he needs a new top and bottom end. I have no idea if it would be cheaper to find a used engine or to rebuild his. He has a 2002 ttr 125. And if you have anyu suggestions of where to find engines or parts that would help alot. thanks
  13. Danniel1332

    EBAY Bikes????

    How much you want for it?
  14. Danniel1332

    EBAY Bikes????

    Does anyone own the bikes from EBAY??? I.E. The Chinese Imports If so, how good are they, can you jump them, fixing, speed, etc.. please only reply if you own or know for a fact details about these bikes.