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  1. Cool, thanks guys. A plated WR450F, thats bada$$. I was thinking maybe $3000. Thats 1/2 price of the new WR250...
  2. Thanks, for the replies. I was thinking about $3000 too. I paid $3000 for it in '06 and figured the plate could add about a grand... So I guess we'll see what happens.
  3. I plated mine on 06, i need to sell it now though...no time to ride...
  4. Haven't been to this thread in awhile. Looking to sell my bike...here's a thread about it, please look and help. Thanks, Robert http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=879415&highlight=
  5. Looking for help. Like the title states, thats the bike I have...Looking to sell it so I am trying to get the value for it. Has new tires, Baja Designs kit, Q4 FMF pipe with powerbomb header and Factory Effex graphics. No time to ride so I hate to see it sit. Any help from you guys would be great, then I'll post up in the classifieds. This forum is a great resource. I wrote all about my experience on plating my bike and was thankful to all that helped as well, so give some back if you can. Thanks. Robert
  6. Befores and afters...
  7. I put on the Factory Effex graphics kit on today.
  8. I got my renewal for my '02 WR426. I am supposed to pay the fee and provide insurance info. It's been a year and I haven't taken it out thinking I was gonna lose the plate. Oh well, guess I am gonna have to start taking it out on the streets. My coworker bought a KTM a couple months ago and he has it plated and is still riding. My neighbor got a Suzuki from Malcolm Smith a month ago and goes dual sporting all over the place. I am sure there is some truth to the hype, but I haven't seen it yet.
  9. Looks awesome!
  10. Yup I agree, "Showoff" but congrats. I say the more dual sports I see on the road the better. I got DOT tires and still have to put them on, get my license, and insurance. Too many irons in the fire so to speak.
  11. I checked my mailbox, still no revocation letter....
  12. So is that just a scare to get the M class license? I've been on vacation in Arizona and thought, oh well, I can always be dual sport there... If we can keep them dual sport, then all the better. Good Luck on that written exam by byggd.
  13. Nice, I got my plate and haven't even taken it on the road yet, other than for testing. I gotta get at least one good ride in before they yank my plate off the bike, sheesh.