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  1. rideglamis

    Help needed: YZF 426 surging in 4th and 5th

    Great Advice GrayRacer. That actually makes sense. Now I know how the system works. I have to do more checking on how that shift fork works because it shifts both the bottom section and the top section. Amazing stuff that people figure out. I will be looking at Mr. Manual and hopefully start pulling the thing apart soon. One question, normally if someone has this problem, is it better to just replace the whole thing? Obviously it sounds like I should replace the shift fork and the 5th and 4th gear along with the locking lug gear the 3rd... well actually I am asking since I really don't know, nor have I opened it up. The main shaft should be fine though. Sounds like just the gears and locking rings, which has probably done damage to the shift fork. What, in your experience, should I replace according to the numbers on the chart? I will do all the checking so see the damage myself, but I was just wondering what is the norm for this. Probably even post some pictures when I have it apart to get a second opinion. I only ask what usually is replaced in order to gauge how much money it will cost. Might just want to hand it off to another in order to buy a street legal bike enduro. I really appreciate your help. Forums are tough and all that writing you did had to take some time. With the description of that diagram, I now can see why this might happen cause I do bump shift while I am at the track and when I just need to under the challenge of another. Might have to curb that habit. Comes from the old 80 and 125 days.
  2. rideglamis

    Help needed: YZF 426 surging in 4th and 5th

    Is this normal? What would you suggest in replacing these parts? I will have to consult Mr. Manual. Just bummed that I didn't do this when I had the whole thing apart. Probably by the parts here on thumpertalk. Is it wise to just replace all the gears... Whats the norm in doing a job like this? I really appreciate and thank you for your help. Jeff
  3. rideglamis

    Help needed: YZF 426 surging in 4th and 5th

    Honestly it feels like I was fingering the clutch real fast and very consistent when on power. I originally thought it was clutch then went to gears but the shop said it wouldn't happen. He was kind of a derelict so maybe the info was wrong. If I get on in in 4th its fine until about mid speed in 4th when I am on it hard its start to surge almost like its 3 to 4 to 3 to 4 then when in 5th its really bad and I really can't even ride in 5th anymore. I went out to the desert last weekend and even across the dry lake bed it was doing it. It must be the gears. I don't know too much about the tranny.
  4. I am the original owner on a YZF426 02', and I am having problems. If you notice my older posts, quit laughing. I didn't mean to or want to drop my bike in the water and hydrolock it. I have been riding all my life, and I can't believe I did that. I didn't even have any beer with me. With that said I done, before I bent the rod I noticed that I was having clutch problems. I was getting this heavy surge in the higher gears under heavy load. I ride Glamis frequently and I figured that the clutch was just going from the load. So replaced the clutch and put some heavy duty springs in. I thought that was the problem. Well two clutches later (one I installed and one the dealer installed), I still have this weird surge in the upper end of 4th and 5th. The dealer said it was the clutch so they put another one in. Well its still here. I am worried that I have tranny issues now. I told them to rip it down the street but they said they couldn't. I know I know, I was probably hosed on the whole deal but every once in a while I go to the dealer to give myself a gut check to remember why I do my own maintenance. Anyone have any experience with this or have heard of something like this happening? I would think that if I was skipping gears it wouldn't be a good noise. Its weird because it just feels like I am clutching it real fast. I'll trade a cube of chrome for some knowledge!
  5. rideglamis

    Why do people hate Mike Alessi?

    Personally, I think Mike should step up, buy a house in Florida and move as far away from his dad as he can. They live in Hesperia mind you, that's got to suck in itself. Anyway, move to Florida, and start pitting out of the semi. Tell his dad to go home! The guy seems to be a serious prick. Nobody gets that bad of a rap unless its true. Sometimes superstars parents dont let their kids grow up cause they are the lifeblood of the family. I really don't know too much about Tony, but does he have a job, or own a business. Either way, quit living vicariously through your kid and let him go do what he wants to do. Support him, but don't manage his life.
  6. rideglamis

    So Cal Ride for Kids

    Anyone have the GPS file for this ride that they can send me?
  7. rideglamis

    Bent Rod Need Help

    Well I took apart the hydro locked motor after falling in the deep ass creek, and surprisingly everything looks really good. A little carbon buildup on the top end but nothing that can't be cleaned off. I do have a very very small wear spot on one cam. The right side toward the back of the motor. Maybe I will post a picture to see what people think. Other than that, the cylinder looks very good as does the piston and rings. Come to find out the rod was bent and wedged in the crank. I have ran this bike hard for a while and have been having the tranny issues everyone talks about, slipping in and out of gear under heavy load. It almost feels like it needs a clutch, but I guess it's the gears. AM I right on this? Other than that, what steps should I take on replacing the rod? I figure the crank has to be separated. I have a little blue on the right lobe so I will be replacing the bearings as well. Where should I go from here? Any recommendations on who I should send the crank out to? I am in Orange County. Where to get parts for the cheapest? Rod, bearings, Gaskets? Thanks for your help. This is turning out to be an expensive damn Silverwood ride. Should have driven to Glamis instead of being a cheapskate on gas and opting for a morning ride in Silverwood. Dumb ass.
  8. I have alot of experience with 2 strokes... If it was one it would be done and running by now. It's just a 4 stroke is alot more detailed. I really don't know what goes where. The oil is all drained, my problem is that it feel like when the piston goes down it has pressure and being held back by water. How do I get that water out...
  9. By the way, my plan was to take the thing apart this summer and replace the gears anyway. Under heavy load 4th and 5th are jumpin in and out. That 10 paddle at glamis is what did it I think. Stick with the 8 paddle. I took the clutch out and everything is fine with the kickstarter. It is just hard to turn the bike over with all the water in it. I am not too good with the four strokes so if this is a dumb question let me know. Is the bottom of the crank in oil like a car, or it like a 2 stroke and dry. I thought it would be wet since you run regular gas, but hell I don't even know how to ride let alone work on the damn thing. It feels real tight when turning the thing over. [ B]If I drain the oil, will I drain all water below the piston?[/b]
  10. Thanks for some replies. I would appreciate it if someone knew someone with an experience like mine to reply. If I can turn the bike over using the flywheel and the plugs out... I know everything is moving alright... right? The compression release won;t do a damn thing if there is no plug in the bike. My main problem is the kickstarter. I can't figure out why the think won't even move. Especially since I kicked it over 30 seconds before I fell. I know I got water in the thing but the kickstarter itslef is different, it should release. Any mechanics out there?
  11. rideglamis

    You guys have to see this!!!!

    Figure this... The losers who think it's fake probably doesn't even ride. I am a bike rider and people do bigger things than this on bmx bike with no suspension at all. They break ankles from time to time but not off something like this. Give me a break. Poeple break ankles when they do things like Timo P. back at the 04 crankworks in whisler. check this video out.... I photoshoped the whole thing. http://zed.cbc.ca/go?CONTENT_ID=153850&c=contentPage
  12. Sunday I dropped my 01' 426 yzf in a deep water crossing behind silverwood. Put it this way, the entire bike including the handlebars were underwater. It was that deep. Anyway, I drained the oil, took the spark plug out and opened up the clutch cover as well as the magneto side. I seperated the clutch plates and cleaned them with some oil. I am able to turn the bike over using the bolt (flywheel) on the left side that you use to get it to top dead center. I belelieve I pumped most of the water out this way but I cannot even move the kickstarter. It is completely locked up. I have never sank a bike before. Many times a jet ski 2 stroke and boats, but never a bike, let alone a 4 stroke. What should I do to get all the water out? I am planning on taking all cables off and spraying them out with lubricant, as well as the carb. For the kickstarter, any suggestions on where to start with that thing? Am I effed?