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  1. Rayneman5

    BMW R1200GS Adventure 2012

    Comfortable ride. Good touring bike. Large tank gives you the ability to go a long way between fill ups.
  2. Rayneman5

    BMW R1200GS Adventure (2012)


    Comfortable ride. Good touring bike. Large tank gives you the ability to go a long way between fill ups.
  3. Rayneman5

    Happy Easter Sunday!

    Wayne, I was out in CC with family and friends. Great weather, and some good times. just got home and can't wait to return. (No complaints.)
  4. Rayneman5

    "Taylor LaKamp 4rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    Hey Tom, Glad to see a date was set for the event. Count me in........
  5. Diesel Power, I get up there about as often as I can. Note that when I bring my bike, I am usually the only one riding. I will be up Thanks Giving week and again the week of Christmas to New Years. I have riden a lot of the area through Standard wash, the cabin, and the areas South East of McCullah. I would like to explore the North side one of these days. It would be nice to take a ride with you. I will pm you with my contact info once I get my schedule set up.
  6. Rayneman5

    Rider Down in Temecula - Again

    I bet I could write a book on this subject. (I too am a victim of an accident.) I got off the street and got on the dirt. Funny thing is I got hurt on the dirt too! But with the price of gas, feeling the need to ride during the week, (even on the street), led me to purchase a "Sport Tour" bike. Getting out of the "cage" reminded me of my bad driving habits and how I was impacting those around me. While in the cage, I have the Phone in my ear talking to and from my destinations, windows closed to shut out the sounds around you, radio turned up, talking with pasengers, (generally not paying attention to the road), and I could go on with all of the distractions found in the "cage". I have found that getting out of the cage and getting on the bike has made me a better driver, and a safer "Rider". (Take away the distractions, and you can focus on what is going on around you.) I have a much easier commute up the 101 and away from the busier freeway traffic of the 10, 15, and the 405. But it does not allow me to ease my alert level of the cars around me. Lane splitting as told to me by the Police is 15 miles per hour above traffic speed up to 45 mph. So I find my self looking to be in the line of site. I make my self as visible as possible. I DON'T RIDE LIKE I DRIVE! I keep some space or as much space around me as possible. And I don't tail gate, nor do I let someone tail gate me. (You probably think I ride my bike like my grandma drives, but she does not have any accidents in the past 30+ years!) So, I would say to every street rider out there......speed, relative distance to the nearest object, and not paying attention will be a primary reason for your crash. Why is it that so many "new" riders end up wrecking their bikes! I will be the first to say "get out of the cage", and enjoy the roads around you. Ride safe. Alright, if you have read this far, you will know that I am . just reminding everyone on the road that we all must take responsibility.
  7. Rayneman5

    "Taylor LaKamp 3rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    The "Dirt Team" Taylors mom and Dirt Team Leader And they head off in every direction........ From what I heard, one broken bike, one bruised leg, a couple of funny falls, (the Superman one was the best!) and everyone returned home in one piece. I hope to see everyone back there next year.
  8. Rayneman5

    "Taylor LaKamp 3rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    Yes here are a few pics along with a ride report. First a big thank you to Dirt Team Leader and his Team for conducting this ride. This is my 3rd year and it has always been a fun event to attend. So as for the ride, let's just say I arrived much later then anticipated. (Late night at work combined with a need for sleep left me running out the door pushing the speed limit.) I got there with just about 10 minutes to get ready The wind was a blowing, the surrounding mountains had snow, and the cooler temperatures required an extra layer. And since "Old-man" is usually the "Sweep", I left my broom at home. Lucky for me someone had a "wisk broom" for me to borrow. After catching up with the group and arriving at the Memorial I pulled out the camera for a few photos. It was a nice sized group that was riding at a pretty decent pace. Blue sky, some wind, not much dust, nice day to be out riding. A little blurry as the wind was pushing me some what Taking a look at the memorial, there were some new additions since last year. To be continued
  9. Rayneman5

    Will 'R' Stickers fit 'X'?

    The wife said "either the bike goes or I go". I thougth about it over for a while.......... burnt meals, pink bathroom, having to keep putting the toilet seat up, and she was always wanting to go on Sunday Drives when I was either watching Football or going riding with the guys! I have never seen a person get so made when the door slams on them! I will miss her......maybe a little, and think of her every once in a while.
  10. Rayneman5

    Adventure Pass

    What an Boarder crossing with his best friend. Novel idea! Or is he just trying to give it a bath? Or is his burro pulling him out of the water. Not sure, but I could spend hours putting a thousand words to this picture. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to ROTFLMAO
  11. Rayneman5

    Adventure Pass

    If no one takes it off your hands by Saturday, I will give you cash.
  12. Rayneman5

    "Taylor LaKamp 3rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    Hey Old Man, The stars have aligned and my schedule is free for Saturday. Since you sweep, I won't worry about bringing the broom! See you Saturday.
  13. Rayneman5

    "Taylor LaKamp 3rd Annual Memorial Ride"

    Glad to see the post. I was going to call you to see if it was on the schedule for this year. I am working on getting that day clear. Hope to catch up with you then.
  14. Rayneman5

    Dumb A$$ out at Hungry Valley

    I was up there on Saturday with my daughter. It was my first time back there in 3 years. After about an hours of wind, CRAZY Quad Riders who like the Raiders, and 2 trucks blazing a trail at high speed, my daugher says "dad, I don't really like it here. Can we go some where else next time!" Yep, I will not be returning any time soon. No need to put the life of my daughter in harms way.
  15. Rayneman5

    Swing arm help

    I had a nice "get off" some time ago. The swingarm payed the price. Yep it had a hole in it. I had a good welder take a look at making the repair. He said "NO WAY DUDE"! Replace it. After replacing I know that peace of mind helps me to sleep at night. BTW, about 4 bills was the asking price (new), but my source is no longer available. Good luck on your search.