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  1. FLaker

    Banshee help

    You likely had either A) to little fuel or an air leak in your engine. This causes the motor to run lean, overheating and creating enough heat to run without spark, this can happen with any 2 stroke motor. Your best bet is to pull your head and check for damage, at least do a compression test as you may have scored the cylinder or worse. If this happens again your best bet is to cut the ignition (kill switch or pull plug wire) and hold the throttle wide open (providing as much lubrication as possible to prevent damage and choke the motor)
  2. FLaker

    Fuel Mileage on Your WR250R/X

    The first tank I got 68mpg, the second very close but I was really babying it. The first few tanks where great, now I have 500 miles on my bike and starting to ride it harder and I am seeing high 50's low 60s. I imagine once I really get comfortable on it and am done with my first oil change it will drop again because Im always WFO!
  3. FLaker

    Painting the Plastic on my WR250R

    Tried that on some plastic trim and it sucked, IMO I would stay as far away from painting plastics as possible.
  4. FLaker

    08 WR250 X/R MX Virus graphics

    Who is importing them and where can we get it?
  5. FLaker

    what tires?

    I have millvilles and love 'em, and the colored ones are trick looking
  6. FLaker

    Motor ?'s

    Thanks, I would have never known.
  7. FLaker

    Motor ?'s

    I have new plastics now, just need to figure out what motor I have and how to fix my suspension. When I emptied my forks it had like 50cc of who knows what oil, last night I put in 100cc of 20wt and a 1"pvc spacer in each. Now my suspension is good and tight but the spacers took 1" of wheel travel so I still bottom. What would be a good oil to use to get a stiffer ride?
  8. FLaker

    Motor ?'s

    Does anybody have any info???
  9. FLaker

    What should i do to this bike?

    He hasn't parted that thing out yet? I would say the first thing to do would be buy some gas, then put the gas in the gas tank, then rip on it as hard as you can till something brakes then replace that with a better part. And repeat as necessary.
  10. FLaker

    tall seat or spring

    Maybe a new shock is in order, that is the same problem I am having but am to cheap to buck up for a new one. Need maybe a little bit slower rebound (softer spring, better oil) I am re-doing my forks right now to get rid of the springy feel but will need to buy a new rear setup soon....I havent ridden any other seats than what I have and a stock honda, so I cant give you any advice there.
  11. FLaker

    bike man performance Nitrous for Pit BIKES!!!!!!

    I dont see nitrous on their website I have used the cheap exhaust they have on their site though, its got a steel can but for $50 it flows awesome and sounds great, looks good too. Just needed to take a grinder to the welds inside each end.
  12. I have a cheapo 110 that holds up to everything I throw at it and was under $700
  13. FLaker

    tall seat or spring

    Most of the knockoffs come with a "tall seat" Im pretty sure your SDG has a tall seat. If you look at the seat and it has very little to no concave on the top then its a high seat. Check out some pics of stock 50's and you will see the difference. shelbyzman: they are not supposed to be comfortable, thats why you bought a pit bike and not a big bike
  14. FLaker

    Any info on mxpitbikes.com

    Something faster and better of course
  15. FLaker

    Last weekend

    Thats not me on the bike.....somebody has to take the pics But yeah I noticed that when I posted 'em. Front break works great but it seems to outperform most tires unless on grass. It does make stoppies a breeze to bring up though