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  1. I currently have a 2003 525 SX that is plated. I have an acerbis front and tail light and am running them off of the stock stator. They dim pretty good at idle but get pretty bright as i get on it. The problem is that when i install a regulator, the lights get too dim all the time, but with out it the tail lights receve too much voltage. I would like to get my stator re-wound. are there any companies that will rewind a 2003 525 SX stator? Even if it is rewound will i get enough watts out of it to run lights well? Would like to get more watts and run DC instead of AC. Any ideas would be appreciated. If worst come to worst ill just rock it the way it is, however not much of a nighttime bike.
  2. Alright, I have a 2003 525 SX and it is leaking oil out of the shifter shaft seal. Can i replace this seal with out splitting the case or will I have to live with the leak until i rebuild the engine or it gets so bad i have to split the case? Another question! My short screen allen plug is stripped. I have never checked or cleaned it since i got the bike and the previouse owner tightened everything VERY OVERLY tight. I had a lot of torque on the allen wrench but before the plug loosened it stripped the allen area. Any Ideas on how to get this out or again wait until I need to split the cases for another reason? Will it be a huge deal to never clean that screen? Any Ideas would be helpful. This is my First 4-Stroke and I love it, But seems to me much more maintanence.