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    Headaches after riding

    Do you ride a two stroke...if so that might be it. Every time I ride with strokers I get headaches and have determined its the smell of the burnt oil. Good luck figuring it out.

    Jd Jetting Vs. Dynojet

    Good to know. I have removed the snorkel and run an older Big Gun full exhaust system. I really enjoyed the stock needle and jet, it ran really good, I just thought i could get some more power. I live in Idaho at about 4500 feet and ride from this elevation to about 11000. Most rides are around 8000 feet.

    Jd Jetting Vs. Dynojet

    It Is The Drz400e 2005. I Put The 144 On And It Runs Great...would I Benefit From The Jd Jetting?
  4. So I purchased the FMF Dynojet kit and quickly found that the largest main jet it came with is a 144....everyone online talks about using a 165 etc. So i called dynojet and there rep said that there was different ways to measure the jets and that that was the difference. My question(s) is does this make sence and should i get the jd jetting kit asap? and what jets, needles, etc. come in the jd kit?

    Woods riders chime in........

    I've been riding woods for about 20 years here in Idaho and raced enduros for some of the time as an amateur. I love the trail capability of the DRZ. This is the order I modified my bike... 1. skid plate with case gaurds (I don't believe brand much matters, but this is a must, I used a Devol). 2. Geared down 2 on the counter-sprocket (might be harder on chain but I love the low speeds on trails and was a cheap fix. If I want to go faster I shift up). 3. hand gaurds (I like the Cyrca stealth DX best) 4. Opened airbox, full Big Gun exhaust system bought used, jetting) 5. Applied wrap-style top clamp and Windham high-rise bars 6. Cosmetic adjustments...removed license plate tail and headlight. Most of my friends ride 450's and on trails they are usually playing catch-up. They still have advantages in the sand, but I don't ride there often.

    Mesquite, NV riding

    Anyone know of any good trails in Mesquite. Last time I rode there we rode washes and hill climbs.....it looked like across the freeway there was some mountains that might have some trails. Heading down the middle of February. Any help would be great.

    Bar Risers needed?

    I'm a tall rider and found that switching out the top clamp with Applied's wrap style clamp paired with Pro-Taper Kevin Windham bend bars was perfect...about $200.00 though.

    End Of The Road For The Drz400?

    I agree. I've rode with guys all year and usually led most of the time in the hills on my DRZ400E, but we get in the open or in sand and I get my butt kicked on the big hill climbs. I need the 450 powerplant with a wide ratio tranny and fuel injection would be nice.
  9. So now that Kawasaki has announced the KLX450, and Honda has its 450X how long is it going to take to get a Suzuki RMX450 with a 5-speed? Any thoughts.
  10. Snorkel has been removed. Stock air filter.
  11. I just purchased an older Big Gun full system for my DRZ400E. I haven't installed it yet because I'm not sure if I will need to rejet at the same time. Should I try it and see how it runs first???? I typically ride between 6000 and 13000 feet. And by the way, is rejetting a carb something I should take on??? I have never done it before.