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  1. sick!!
  2. i think i saw that picture somewhere else before...
  3. hahaha,i don't believe it's u tho
  4. yah i am a TT member !! going for the next one... bye peoples
  5. i hate that it says i am a TT newbie so I gotta post much more
  6. i would pay $200 if there were like 20 I would get like a 1 out of 20 chance but that would equal $2,000 and he wouldn't do that whoever did waffle it
  7. it's a sick bike
  8. not way cool SUPER COOL
  9. hmmm i don't know
  10. not $10 i mean $5
  11. well depending by how much people
  12. $10
  13. yes i think he did learn his lesson
  14. hey nice track... hahaha i live there too brother