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  1. Wow, I forgot about this post!! It's ON still!! 2010 NorthwoodsGP info at www.northwoodsgp.com Get it on!!
  2. What carb goes on the 89 KX80? I have a bike with no carb, so I am looking for one. Anyone with info? Trying to race next weekend, but I need a carb.
  3. For cams if you are using the stock head, www.crowerpower.com I am running their G2 cam with stock bore/stroke/compression, stock carb and I love it!! Big difference over my Takegawa cam and my buddy's G1 cam.
  4. The guys at www.paxracingstore.com are very good, as well as www.powersportsstore.com
  5. Just make sure you are running fatter jets with that filter. The 110 will really want a #40 pilot and probably a #90 main. I say probably because I don't know what else you have modified...pipe, cam, etc...
  6. Just FYI, there is a great minimoto series being run again this year at USA International Raceway in Shawano, WI....just a bit left of Green Bay. It is an all-pavement event, typically. We will be opening the dirt section for a few events if the rider count will support it. Most guys are not running skid plates or are setup in a way that doesn't lend itself well to jumps. For those that want it, we will deliver. The website is www.northwoodsgp.com The full schedule and rules are posted for 2007. It's a great time and you get a load of time on the track!
  7. The valves will almost surely need to be adjusted. The rocker shafts actually need to be pulled out in order to do the cam swap, so if you can do that, you can surely adjust the valves. They are the simple screw adjuster type.