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  1. If i put a LVSA in my DRZ400's RS-3 will it,A; quiet the pipe a little and B; effect my jetting? Thanks,E.
  2. eman308

    00' E White fenders?

    Now I just need the rear. Anyone know what model the TT store Acerbis fit? It just lists '00-'06. Thanks,E.
  3. eman308

    00' E White fenders?

    Anybody make them? I've seen a couple of bikes with them but can't find any. Thanks, E.
  4. I've found one and it seems like it would be good for logn d.s. and desert rides,Baja and such. Any isues, pros or cons? What would a used one in good shape be worth? Thanks in advance,E.
  5. eman308

    2000 DRZe..

  6. Eddie, the bike should have stock jetting.I'm going to pull it tomarrow and go through it. It starts great and has real good low to mid, ya gotta try to get the front off the ground but it's not bad. It flubbles out at full open,so I'm thinking lean main?The bike is my wifes and I just want it to be good all around, not great in any one place.We'll be riding the usual frontrange spots with some passes and Moab once a year, 4000-9000 ft. Looking for a set up thats close to stock, that will be relieable and won't get her away from her, she can ride but she's no Evil K. No snorkel, Yosh slip on, the rest is stock. Would a 150 get me there? I'm I going the wrong way?Do I need to be leaner, 138-135? Stock says 142 in my book. Thanks for all your help here,E.
  7. eman308

    Cross threaded drain plug fix?

    Where should I get one of those plugs, Pep boys or a moto dealer? Thanks ,E
  8. Hello, I bought a '01 400E and the guy I got it from cross threaded the crank case oil plug. What are my options for repair? Obviously I'd rather not replace the case half. There seems to be enough meat to retap one size up or would a helicoil be the way to go? I'm also looking for a left radiator. Thanks,E.
  9. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    I don't want to rip anyone off and I don't want to be ripped off. The dealer game is full of little tricks that are bullshit. The industry is to blame for the distrust people have for them. I like the sales guy and want to be fair but he's not going to give me money. He's got to make a living, but so do I.Dealer handling, Set up, whatever you call it, is a lie. I bought both of my cars brand new and didn't pay for it then. I wouldn't pay $1149 + tax otd in May, so $1100+tax otd for the dealer in Febuary when it's -2deg sounds pretty frick'n fair to me. Yes, I only have to pony up $1000, but that's got nothing to do with the dealer, that's Yamaha say'n "thanks for buy'n in Feb when it's 2 bellow and slow as shit". Win win. We'll see. E.
  10. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    JTYam27, $70? Bullshit. The sales guy told me that they make more than that, so let me clear that up for you. Also the $1000 is +the $100 factory incentive= $1100. That's $49 short of MSRP. So..umm..yea did you get the memo on the TPS reports..umm...yea? E.
  11. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    Document this! OTD alll the way. It makes my laugh how dealers, car and bikes, want to pass on the cost of bussiness to the end user.The lady who dose the paper work shows up every day. Sell one unit, sell 100 units, her sallary gets paid.If a bussiness can't run on 20 to 25 percent profit then they should find another line of work. Yes there is overhead and all but that, just like living within your means, should be part of your bussiness model. Woops, I'm ranting. Anyway, for what it's worth, $1000 + factory$100 + tax = my bottom line. It's Febuary and we've got a foot of snow on the ground. Seems to me if that's not good enough, then I'll go used. Thanks for the input,E. And yes, my wee man will flip! Love that guy!
  12. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    Do you think dealer price is around $750-$780? If so I think $1000 + tax OTD would be fair. They'd get $1000 + $100 factory money = $1100. I'd be ok with that for sure. E.
  13. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    I just feel that a MSRP is taking in overhead and profit margin. Rarely do you ever pay MSRP for anything, to me, it is almost always inflated. Anyone ever seen a 50 in the crate? I haven't, but I'd think it would be complete and need nothing but oil. I know some bikes need much more set up, but a 50? So my thought is I give them $1049 + tax, they submit the sales info and get the $100 from Yamaha = $1149 = MSRP. Pretty fair. What say Ye? E.
  14. eman308

    "dealer set-up"?

    O.k. I'm buying my little dude a ttr-50 for his 6th b-day. Yamaha has a $100 rebate for Febuary so in my head the MSRP is $1049, for Feb anyway. Dealer wants $100 or so for "set up". Do you think an offer of $1049+tax would be a good bottom line, for me? How much "set up" goes into these little things? I'm thinking it can't be much. What have you paid, new, for one? Thanks,E.
  15. eman308

    WR, YZ header the same?

    Thank you! Eman, out.